Bill Parcells ends debate on Smith’s missed meeting

Hall of Fame coach Bill Parcells, who was the former coach of both the Jets and Giants, said he wouldn’t have benched Jets quarterback Geno Smith for missing a team meeting.

The missing six players have not been named.

Bill Parcells has a reputation as a no-nonsense, straight shooter.
“I don’t think that was a big deal,” Parcells told Michael Kay and Don Lagreca on Thursday on ESPN radio 98.7.

“It was probably an inadvertent mistake, and that can happen every once in a while. And they have fines in place for players that miss meetings. Now, I wouldn’t have liked it, but I don’t think it’s that big a deal.”

“Well, I didn’t say it was good timing,” said Parcells, a 2013 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee. “I really didn’t. But I don’t think he missed the meeting on purpose. I would have a hard time believing that.”

Kay and Lagreca pointed out how the Jets have played, but Parcells wouldn’t bite.

“He missed it, but what are you going to do? Put him in the gallows?” Parcells said. “He’s your quarterback, you fine him, and you go forward. That’s what’s in place, that’s what you do.”

Parcells coached guided the Jets, with Vinny Testaverde at Quarterback, to the 1998 AFC title game.
He dismissed any suggestion that Jets head coach Rex Ryan should have benched Smith.

“I wouldn’t have done that because I’ve got responsibility to the other 52 players, too,” Parcells said. “And if that player gives us the best chance to win, as long as he didn’t commit a crime, I’m playing him.”

That statement is contradictory to what former Jets coach Herm Edwards has stated.
Former Quarterback Steve Young has echoed Herm Edwards sediments.

It’s a toss up. Rex runs the team and his view is final. So ends the discussion.


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