Dee Milliner – Jets Cornerback poised for return | Sons of Anarchy difference makers

New York Jets cornerback Dee Milliner is back without any noticeable problems.


Milliner pass breakup Vs. Miami

Milliner ended the 2013 Season on a personal high note earning defensive player of the week in December. Rex Ryan had benched him three times prior in frustration – It worked.

His return from over a month of rehabing his high ankle sprain injury suffered on August 10th, has become a highly anticipated event as the Jets play the Denver on Sunday with what’s been called a make shift defensive backfield.

Head Coach Rex Ryan stated that he’s “cautionary optimistic,” while Milliner said he’s “very optimistic” that he’ll play a full game.

Milliner is now the teams only true starting cornerback.

“You’ve got to be very cautious, You don’t want to get out there and rush things and mess it up even more, get out there and you’re not 100 percent and give up plays. So I’m just going to be cautious with it and do what the trainers tell me”.-Dee Milliner

Defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson feels it’ll be a “major boost”.

“Everybody gets beat, but he covers.” Richardson told the N.Y. Daily News.“He’s one of the best ones we got. We’ve been waiting on him to get healthy so he can prove that.”

He had an uneven camp, sometimes getting beat by Eric Decker and even Stephen Hill in practice, before hurting himself defending a deep pass to rookie receiver Quincy Enunwa.

The Jets  have taken a cautious approach in Milliner’s rehab and rightfully so trying to avoid re-injury.

The Broncos fast tempo however, might make it highly unlikely that Milliner will be out there for every snap.

The team has been told by their medical staff, that Milliner is “healed,” so it’s about “working through  soreness. . . and mental things, Look around, If he can play in a limited role, let’s play him in a limited role. That’s how I see it.” – Ryan on his limited cornerback options.

Rex Ryan’s cornerbacks held up fairly well only against Raiders rookie Derek Carr in week one, as the Jets shifted defensive players to offense to slow down Oakland’s receivers.

“If I’m out there, expect the most out of me.” Dee Milliner stated adding, “You got to be careful, Because if you rush it and get back too fast, you could hurt it again or just cause more pain or heartache.”

Dee Milliner, you’ll remember, made headlines during training camp by telling The N.Y.Daily News that he was the best cornerback in the NFL.

“I’m not going to say somebody that plays the same position is better than me, Don’t care if they’ve been in the league 10 years and I’ve been here five months. That’s how it’s going to go. I’m the best. I’m not going to say that another man that plays the same position . . . and say he’s better than me? I can’t do that.”

The Jets have also cut Ellis Lankster who was a leader to the rookie corps.

The Jets “Sons of Anarchy” will seek to do the same in a very winnable game.


Jets - Mo Wilkerson doesn't take a play off

If the Jets defense “shows up” this week vs. Denver it could be a game.

Let’s face it. The Jets have something to prove. The NFL sack leaders need to play an entire game. Penalty free. With an offense that doesn’t leave them on the field for 40 minutes a game.


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