Jets – Braylon Edwards comments | Mike Vick was Prepared | Idzik, Position Coaches hot seat

New York Jets controversial former wide receiver Braylon Edwards
appeared on SNY’s “SportsNite” on Thursday.

Edwards played three seasons with the Jets under head coach Rex Ryan. During his appearance he tore into the Jets and General Manager,John Idzik.

You would be hard pressed to find a fan that would disagree with him.

The Jets have the lowest payroll in the entire National Football League and over $21 million in cap space cash that will roll over to 2015.

“I don’t see a good situation. I see a team in shambles, I see a team that’s trying to figure out their GM standpoint, their coaching standpoint. And that’s where it starts. To get everything right on the field it has to start with the GM agreeing with the coach, getting the right players in there for the coach to be successful and I don’t see that. I feel as though Idzik is holding something back and he’s not providing Rex with the talent that he needs to win ballgames.”

Edwards, as an observer, also questioned Rex Ryan’s ability to correctly evaluate his players. He eluded that the scheme may be too difficult for the mix of Rookies and Veterans.
He stated that Rex should have “Simplified the game plan” implied that a cover 1 defense was better than Cover 2 saying the Rex’s “belief” in his players, as well as himself may be impairing his judgement and be should “let that ego go”.

“I feel like Rex has had so much success, from Baltimore to the Jets early on in his tenure there, that now that it’s not going his way he does not know how to dial it back and simplify. He wants things to work his way so he can get the credit for it.”

Edwards may be right in certain cases, wrong in others.Take Calvin Pryor and Jace Amaro.
Ryan had high expectations for their top draft pick, safety, Calvin Pryor.

Pryor has gone through a sobering transformation since joining the Jets.

Earlier this season Pryor went on a rant on social media, going so far as saying “thinking ’bout those mm’s, no more going broke” referencing the millions of dollars he intended to make.
His attitude even moved on to the playing field, then the locker room during training camp, culminating in second year quarterback Geno Smith finally telling him to shut it down.

As for his play, Calvin Pryor is a rookie and it shows. Pryor has always been lauded as a hard hitter. During his college career he took three players out of games with concussions.
But that was college, this is the NFL where everyone hits hard. Where his size is average and the game as a whole is much faster.
The scouting knock on him was his receiver coverage and that to is rearing it’s ugly head.
Pryor stood by and watched as a WR caught the pass and ran past him untouched for the TD (thought he had over the top help)..
He ran to help a returning from injury, Dee Milliner, on another play, went for the big hit instead of the tackle and missed, resulting in a touchdown.
His latest gaff was a hit on about the three yard line where the player simply bounced off Pryor and scored.
Pryor even got credit for half a sack where again he went for the big hit and missed.
Why do these players get past Pryor? Technique, Tackling 101,use your arms and hands when tackling.
Had Pryor done that one simple thing instead of lowering himself for the boom, he would have made each of those tackles.

That’s not on Pryor at this point. This rests solely on his defensive backs coach TIM McDONALD. (2 years coaching, 2 years with the NFL)

Moving on to Jace Amaro, there were growing pains in camp. Drops and lack of playbook knowledge cursed him.
However, Amaro has rebounded nicely and has become reliable.
In his case it’s simple failure of offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg utilizing his tight ends.
Amaro is 14 for 144 yards and needs to be part of a Jets spread offense.
Tight Ends coach Steve Hagen, two years with the Jets and ten with the NFL needs to be working with Zack Sudfeld. The Jets are loaded with size and hands at the position. Jeff Cumberland was a receiving leader in 2013 along with WR-Jeremy Kerley.
Developing these tight ends is essential for the team to cover for their lack of a strong WR corps.

As for second year Jets General manager John Idzik has done a great job as a money manager, the teams Account. But as a manager he is the perfect example of the “Peter Principle”. He’s out of his league as a personnel manager. Only five of his twelve 2014 draft picks remain on the roster.

WR-Eric Decker and RB-Chris Johnson were Idzik’s free agency acquisitions.
Decker, who has enjoyed an injury free career, is injured. Chris Johnson has been unable to break one open. His production has been average and he’s actually taking snaps from Bilal Powell.p

Failing to make any trades during the draft Idzik was out witted during the free agency period, ignoring glaring team needs in favor of saving the almighty dollar.

Special Teams has regressed from a perennial highlight reel favorite with coach Mike Westhoff, to a failing grade with New hire Thomas McGaughey whose in his first year with the Jets, eight total with the NFL.

Wide Receivers Coach Sanjay Lal failed to develop Steven Hill, then Jalen Saunders, as both were promising and both were cut.
David Nelson, a pickup from the Bill’s has failed to progress and remains situational.
Lal has been with the team three years, eight total in the NFL.

GM John Idzik has bet his job on second round pick, QB-Geno Smith and continues his unwavering support. Geno posted a 7.6 QBR against the SD Chargers and was pulled after the second quarter.

Getting back to Braylon Edwards rant;
Rex Ryan said he doesn’t care who gets credit and defended himself against Edwards’ claim that he doesn’t adjust his defense to fit his personnel.

“I have to say that’s probably not a real accurate statement, because it’s not about a scheme,” Ryan said. “You can look at us, we have one thousand defenses if you looked at us. So I would disagree there. It’s player over scheme. We’ll always do what matches our abilities, the talent of our players. Always have. Usually I can agree with Braylon on a lot of things, but I’m 100% in disagreement with this one.”

Edwards added, Geno Smith is “not playing good football. Simply put,” and said missing a team meeting “can’t happen,” but added that it’s not all Smith’s fault and that the quarterback has been put into precarious situations.

Braylon Edwards then questioned the leadership in the locker room, saying it’s not the same as it was four years ago when the Jets made their second straight trip to the AFC title game.

“The mentality just isn’t there and there are only a couple of players that are there . . . you have Nick Mangold, you have Dave Harris, you have D’Brickashaw Ferguson, and I don’t know if those guys still feel that they can get back to what they once were. ’Cause I feel like if they could, then it already would have happened. So I think the leadership role is gone cause they’re confused, not necessarily because they aren’t leaders.”

David Harris replied to Edwards comment: “Braylon’s not in the locker room so he won’t know what’s going on this year”.

Mike Vick was ready. The second string quarterback who receives no practice with the first team starters somehow managed to do better than starting QB Smith. Neither of which received help from the offensive line.
While Vick posted better numbers and scored on a touchdown drive which was negated as referees ruled Vick over the LOS. He has beed crucified by the fans and the media for trying to take the blame for a lousy game in which it appeared the team as a whole had given up.

Michael Vick won’t soon do that again.

Vick stated:

”I probably should have just said that I take responsibility for things not going well, not saying that I’ve got to prepare myself even better. That’s just me personally, what I felt like I had to do. That’s what I took away from the game. I can have my own set of things that I feel like should take place in order for me to play well, and that’s the only reason I said that. This is new for me..”

”It didn’t come out the way that he was thinking about it,” Mornhinweg said. ”We’ve both done that, where you say something and think, ‘That’s not really what I meant.’ Preparation, Mike is diligent with his preparation, now. There’s no question about that.’

See accompanying Article, Mike Vick gets Kudos from coaches, Team, but Fire from Media and Fans.
Mike Vick – Kudos and Heat for trying to take blame. “I was Prepared”


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