N.Y. JETS Key to win over New England

The New York Jets are playing their division rivals, the New England patriots on a Thursday night spotlight.

Update: Jets did everything they game planned including everything discussed here. They even controlled the clock for 41 minutes.
But yet again defensive backfield coverage nullified their efforts as they lose 27 – 25 with Rex Ryan’s coaching record falling to 43-44.

Not getting cornerbacks has destroyed their entire season.

In the recent past Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady would slice up opponents with his dynamic duo of Tight Ends.

As the song goes “those days are gone”, Brady is singing “All by myself” these days.

Oh how the tables have turned. This year it’s the New York Jets that have the dynamic duo of Tight Ends in Jeff Cumberland and Rookie sensation, Jace Amaro.

Wouldn’t it be sweeter if Patriots cast-off TE-Zack Sudfeld had a play or two.
Can’t you just see the crossing patterns over the middle, sprinkled with the occasional go route – just as the Patriots used to do to their opponents.

This week the Jets run game will not be absent from the armory. Look for Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell to force the issue.

While we’ll still miss the blocking and seldom used Run/Catch ability of FB-Tommy Bohanon if the offensive line with newly installed Oday Aboushi do their job effectively the Jets are in good position to win this week’s matchup.


Jets' versatile Fullback Tommy Bohanon

The Jets add reliability in wide receivers Eric Decker, Jeremy Kerley and perhaps even Greg Salas.

Marty Mornhinweg will use some of his New acquired players like T.J.Graham to see where their at in terms of progression.

All eyes will be on the Jets Special Teams this week as the group has been mistake ridden of late.

The Jets need a stable Geno Smith in order to win though and that’s been a big question mark of late.
Can Marty Mornhinweg game plan this offense around him – effectively?

The defense we know will show up.We count on them heavily in every game.
Perhaps this week we’ll be able to bail them out instead of vice versa.

This is a very winnable divisional game. Discipline, Execution and a mistake free game will be the winning combination.

There will be penalties. We know this because there will be referees on the field. Let’s just hope they actually call a decent game and call all those holding penalties that the patriots will be guilty of.

The time to win is now. This is the game. Let’s make it a good one without any tears.

Rex Ryan and Marty Mornhinweg are two of the best coaches in the game and this game will showcase their talents even though Ryan has been handcuffed by his GM. Break free gentleman. Break free.


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