N.Y. JETS lose squeaker to New England

The New York Jets came to play Thursday night, they had the game plan and they got the results they wanted in all areas except one. Mistakes.

A few mistakes again let the opponent, this time the New England patriots win this heartbreaker in Foxboro.

The Jets faced their first division game with ferocity racking up 218 total rushing yards, 226 receiving yards, 2 touchdowns and an amazing 41 minutes of the clock.


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Jeff Cumberland and Chris Ivory provided the touchdowns for the Jets as the running game returned and the Jets finally featured their tight ends in their game plan. But the Jets needed a two point conversion to tie the game and an off timed pass by Geno Smith went just over Jace Amaro’s reach in a favorable matchup against Patrick Chung.

Jets' TE-Jeff Cumberland's Touchdown

The Jets were able to spread the ball around successfully:
Geno Smith’s longest pass was only ten yards.


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Despite a strong game by the defensive front, the Jets continued to be plagued by faulty defensive back play which allowed deep yardage plays and game winning touchdowns.
Antonio Allen seemed lost on the patriots goaline catch by Danny Amendola. And was called for a 32 yard questionable pass interference penalty.

It was a dejected locker room post game and head coach Rex Ryan seemed to be the most angry we’ve seen him in a post game press conference that was better not held.

One reporter asked if he was Shell-shocked after his team did everything right statistically, but still lost. Rex was fuming.

“I’m not shell-shocked at all, I’m a little upset because our record is what it is, I think that’s what it is. Shell-shocked? I’m not shell-shocked by any stretch. We did what we wanted to do on them. We were able to control the football, ran the football, did those things that it takes to win the game, then we just made too many darn mistakes. That’s what it is. But shell-shocked? I’m not shell-shocked, by any stretch.”

The New York Jets’ players appeared to give this game their all. The stats show it. Frustration is at an all time high as they ask themselves what more can we do.
Mistakes, penalties and three touchdowns by Tom Brady were once again enough to overcome the Jets game plan and win the game as the Jets tried an onside kick and a 58 yard, game winning, field goal that was blocked in the final moments.

Nick Folk who had been amazing all game, had to kick this one a little lower, a little straighter, in order to make it 60 yards. That was just enough for the ball to be blocked as it was kicked.

There’s plenty of motivation for this team to continue to push for the win as they go forward. For one, they get a mini break here before playing a schedule that now lightens up just a bit ( as fall as playing hall of fame quarterback’ed teams anyway).

This team won’t give up. The record is not what it should be but after you watch a game like this one you have to recognize that the future is bright.

The New York Jets played too well to lose this game. They know it, their opponents know it.
They’ve been a touchdown out of every game except San Diego and their season opener.
If the secondary improves the record improves.

Geno Smith notes: he has to throw a deeper pass than ten yards.
For the fifth time in 23 games he didn’t turn it over. That’s a plus.

The Jets season may be over, as far as the post season play goes for 2014, as their record falls to 1-6 and 0-1 in the AFC East.
Kimberley Martin of Long Island Newsday writes that Ryan punched a wall on his way into the press conference, just after cursing under his breath. He then tried to compose himself as he went to face reporters at the post game press conference.

“We did what we wanted to do on them, We were able to control the football. . . . Did those things that it takes to win the game. We just made too many darn mistakes.” adding “We’ve been snake-bitten. Most of the time it’s our own fault. That’s tough to handle.” Rex Ryan said at the post game presser.

“He’s taking on a lot of blame on himself, but he shouldn’t, Because he doesn’t play.” Calvin Pace said in defense of his head coach.

We can’t help but wonder if General manager John Idzik is watching these games and remembering his drafts and lack of free agency pick up’s.
I wonder if he’ll be as gracious and accept any of the blame as Head Coach Rex Ryan does.


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