Jets losing streak | Rex Ryan below .500


Jets' losing streak has same effect on Rex Ryan's record

Rex Ryan summed up the cornerback-less 2014 Season. “It’s been a big failure, obviously. The season’s not over, but you don’t want to be 1-6. If you’d ask me, I was thinking we’d be the other way. We expect to win every game.”he said.

The last of the Jets cornerback hopes goes down for the season.

Jets lose a game they won dropping Rex to 43 – 44 record

Rex Ryan “I hate losing” (video)

The loss to the Patriots was an unprecedented defeat. The New York Jets became the first team in history to lose a game despite 41 minutes of possession time, 200 yards rushing and no giveaways, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

Rex maintains its not about him out his job:

“I know what happens to coaches who don’t win”he said last week.
“You’re right, this is a win business — I understand that, there’s no doubt — but this is about the team. The team has always been the priority. The priority has never been my future.”

Some players have come to Rex Ryan’s defense:

“He’s taking a lot of the blame on himself, but he shouldn’t have to. It’s on the players. … It’s not a good feeling.” Calvin Pace said.

“We came into the season with high expectations, and you’re humbled a little bit by the third, fourth, fifth, sixth week of the season.” Recently cut WR David Nelson stated.

Geno Smith, played an interception-less game for only the fifth time in 23 starts. But did not make a pass over 10 yards, is still defended by Ryan.

“I see him getting better,” Ryan said of Smith, who started Week 7 as the lowest-rated starter in the NFL.

In spite of all the adversary, the murders row of quarterbacks they just faced Rex Ryan remains a guardian of his defense noting the Jets are fifth in total defense, “not realistic” to expect a team to shut down those six quarterbacks.

“I would challenge you to look at the stats those players had against other teams and see how far off we are,” he said. “We’re probably better than the other teams.”

Everyone including Rex Ryan knows the position he’s been put in by GM John Idzik’s failure to make any defensive backfield improvements.
Ryan should be screaming at the top of his lungs – but his hands are tied as he may become the scapegoat for this season. Not John Idzik.

While Rex Ryan wouldn’t have a problem finding his next coaching job, John Idzik would be hard pressed to remain in the league following his draft blunders.
This year alone Idzik had 12 picks, 5 remain on the roster.

Will woody Johnson place the blame where it correctly lies? We’ll see. But owners don’t like to admit their wrong either.


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