N.Y. Jets press conferences | Idzik talks while Ryan makes changes: Vick In, Geno out at Quarterback

New York Jets General manager John Idzik held his mid season press conference today, Oct. 27th 2014.


Rex Ryan makes the decision

HEAD COACH REX RYAN: held his own press conference separately later in the day.


Idzik mid year press conference

The Fans are still trying to understand what it was that Idzik plead guilty to.

Fact: John Idzik is not now, nor has he ever been a player personnel manager.


Idzik - "My performance has been unsatisfactory"

“We’re extremely disappointed. It’s gut-wrenching. It’s brutal. You feel like you’ve been punched in the face. It’s painful, it’s painful.”

“That responsibility lies with me. The 1-7 start, we own it as the Jets, I own it as the general manager. There are no excuses. My performance to date is unsatisfactory and a direct reflection of our record.”

“We’re all angry, we’re all disappointed. Everybody in this building, it’s hard to imagine a more difficult time than what we’re going through right now. Not only the [losing streak], but it’s knowing what we have here what we put into it and seeing the results. so its very disturbing to all of us.”

Idzik admitted that it “all starts with me” and “my performance has been unsatisfactory” adding that “I’m responsible for the performance of this team”.

The embattled General manager again was elusive in not naming any players, not naming Vick as a starter or the complete failure at the defensive backfield positions.
He did state that he’s responsible for the team’s performance.
He stated he wasn’t worried about his job using the teams “it’s not about me” mantra.

If he truly felt the responsibility he would bring in experienced play personnel help or he would be announcing his own firing.

He admittedly thought Geno Smith was the answer based on what he did the last quarter of 2013; 4 TD’s – 2Int’s. And his play throughout camp and pre-season this year.
He clearly stated that Michael Vick was brought in to support Geno Smith. Not ever was there a competition.

Idzik still believes he’s on the right track building via the draft and said it’s worked before.
The only problem with that statement is that he has never been the decision maker on player personnel before, so what is he referencing?

Michel Vick still did not receive first team repetitions, a part of the system so clearly vital to winning and accessing where he might be.
Even after the teams meltdown against the San Diego Chargers, Vick never got any preparation “just in case”.

The Jets dropped to the Buffalo bills making their record an abysmal 1 – 7.
In the process making rookie Sammy Watkins look like a hero, as he alone caught 3 for 157 yards as the Jets secondary watched.
But hey as long as Idzik took responsibility for the lack of cornerbacks. That makes it all, okay.


After the missed tackle, David Harris gave chase to no avail as Watkins scored a touchdown

N.Y.Jets player reactions to buffalo outing -link

Jets linebacker David Harris was one of the only two players to give chase to Sammy Watkins, during the game, the other was Jets wide receiver ( playing CB) Hakeem Saleem who actually caught up to a prematurely celebrating Watkins and thus was able to bring him down short of the goaline.


Sammy Watkins catch and run

The Jets gave up 90 yards in penalties again, negated multiple first downs and haven’t been able to stop any team in the Redzone.
The Jets had six turnovers and have not produced any themselves.


Buffalo celebrates Watkins rookie play


HEAD COACH Rex Ryan held his own press conference later in the day.

“I’ve decided to go with Michael Vick this week, give him an opportunity to work extensively with the first-team offense,” Ryan told reporters, “and have Geno take a step back for the first time in his career, maybe get a different perspective of it.”

Ryan was free to announce, for the first time this year, that Michael Vick will practice extensively with the first team starters and will in fact replace Geno Smith as the starting quarterback of the New York Jets.

Rex Ryan has been furious of late with the results he’s been getting from QB Geno Smith.


Smith made headlines in every media outlet

“He had a poor game, there’s no doubt,” the coach said of Smith’s 2-for-8, three-interception passing performance through Sunday’s first 10½ minutes against the Bills before Ryan switched to Vick


“I think when Mike came in the game, it did give us a spark,” he said. “I felt the energy on the sideline.”

Ryan said he mentioned to practice squad QB Matt Simms “that he needs to be ready.” A move to sign Simms to the active roster might occur later this week.

This will appease jet fans for the moment however without results the Jets are facing a fan base whom have endured personal seat licenses, ticket price rises, parking fees and every excuse in the book as to why there are no cornerbacks and no wins this year.
( is anybody counting the win over the winless Oakland Raiders?)


Without any preparation, Vick was able to surpass Smith's dismal outing


Jace Amaro says Michael Vick provided team with a much needed spark

Amaro also stated that Vick provided a spark – link

“We clearly have to get better. We have to understand our job and do a better job. That’s the mission we face, that’s what’s in front of us,” Ryan said. “Our expectations were that we were going to have a great year. We have eight more games. We’re going to do everything in our power to win as many games as we can.” Rex Ryan

The Media continues to call for firings of both the General manager and the head coach. This is New York – expect more of it.

by Jim Boyd @OneJetDrive on Twitter & Facebook


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