N.Y. Jets Safety Calvin Pryor – Not progressing

Calvin Pryor, Safety and star pick of the New York Jets Draft has had little forward progression thus far this season.

Pryor is inefficient in coverage and has yet to learn the basic techniques of tackling.


Walls misses, Pryor fails to wrap up, Harris chases as Watkins takes it to the house.

Pryor continues to go for the big hit while failing to wrap up his opponent. He simply does not use his arms and hands effectively.

Prime example was the Green Bay game; Two plays (1) Receiver cashes ball in front of Pryor but he does not engage, expecting the non-existent “help over the top” to make the tackle.
(2) Milliner’s receiver makes the catch, Pryor rushed in, head down for the hard hit, he misses falling to the ground as Milliner losses a foot race to the goal line.
These are just typical examples of what’s been taking place every single game.

These are coachable techniques. So where is his position coach Tim McDonald? Is he doing his out anybody else’s job.

This is why we employ position Coaches like every other team in the NFL. Rex Ryan needs to come down hard on McDonald or replace him now.


After the missed tackle, Only David Harris gave chase to no avail as Watkins scored a touchdown

Head coach Rex Ryan doesn’t publicly criticize his players. But when he does, you had better listen.
The Jets first round pick (S) Calvin Pryor’s performance to date has been underwhelming. Rex Ryan said of Pryor, “He hasn’t had the impact necessarily that all of us had expected.”

Pryor has only recorded 33 tackles and 0.5 sacks and the half sack stat is a mistake, Pryor got pressure, but again missed the tackle. He was not involved in the sack. Pryor has yet to intercept a pass or force a fumble, the latter of which was his specialty in college where his boast was knocking out the players via concussions. Pryor is credited with 2 passes defended in the season opener against the Oakland Raiders.


NewYorkJets.com player profile.

But coverage play was always the knock on him coming into the draft and that has held true.
Where is his position coach Tim McDonald ( Experience- 2 years with the Jets /2 years in the NFL coaching).
This is a disservice to Pryor and the team.

Rookies most always take time to adapt to the NFL, some are given up to the years if the potential is there, and Ryan runs a complex defensive system that changes and isn’t easy to just step into and produce.

The Jets are, for the most part, playing Pryor out of position. Pryor is a hard hitting, run stopping, in the box strong safety, which is why the Jets’ decision to draft him so high was surprising when they needed cornerbacks and wide receivers first and foremost. Landry plays the 46 role in the Jets’ defense, and most believed Antonio Allen was groomed to be the Jets’ strong safety of the future.

Recently “Double A” has been shifted to every backfield position. The results of which clearly speak for themselves.

The Jets needed a cornerback, or at the very least a coverage free safety who could play the deep middle, which is not one of Pryor’s strengths – exactly the opposite.
The Jets have asked Pryor to spend more time away from the line of scrimmage and in coverage than he is used too and knows it’s a weakness for him, leading to disappointing results to say the very least.

Where is Defensive backs coach Tim McDonald and what if anything has he taught Calvin Pryor.

Pryor’s confidence has been so eroded and he even went and took down his social accounts. The same social accounts he was bragging on during camp are now gone.

Pryor has been playing out of position. Hopefully, next year, that will change so that the Jets can get their first round pick back on track track towards being the impact player he’s meant to be.

by Jim Boyd @OneJetDrive on Twitter & Facebook


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