The undoing of N.Y. Quarterback Geno Smith | I shall return

New York Jets General manager John Idzik said he does not know if the Jets have a franchise quarterback.


Rex Ryan announces the change at the Quarterback position from Geno Smith to Mike Vick

A day after his “mid-season” press conference he reiterated his uncertainty to New York’s SNY T.V.


Idzik mid year press conference

But what actually has been the undoing of Geno Smith? After all, he showed promise the last quarter of the 2013 season and that’s what the Jets hoped to build off of this year.


Media outlets small and large alike have blasted Geno Smith

First and foremost was and is the Quarterback “competition”.
While it’s been called a sham to GM John Idzik’s face during his press conference, to which he did not respond directly, let’s consider it.
Geno Smith was a 2013 first round draft pick that slid into the second round where the New York Jets took him.
The Jets had veteran Mark Sanchez in house and there was no way that Sanchez was going to do anything to further Geno’s career as anything he did would be too the detriment of his own career.
Sanchez’ shoulder surgery had a true rookie thrown into a live nfl season as a starter with only the help of the quarterbacks coach David Lee.
In a sink or swim season the Jets went a miraculous 8 – 8 with Geno looking like he was actually picking up the fine points.

Second and lastly comes 2014 and another announced what’s competition. This time the competitor is Michael Vick, a well seasoned veteran who again is going to do the visibly bare minimum to help Geno Smith. It’s human nature. Survival of the fittest.

This was the perfect time for the Jets to start Michael Vick and have Geno Smith, shadow, copy and learn all he could from a savvy veteran.

Instead, GM John Idzik’s pride got in the way and it was made clear to all that no matter what it was called – Geno Smith was the starter. With Michael Vick waiting on the sidelines for him to fall.
Vick has nothing to lose. The Jets signed him to a one year, $4 million contract to wait around for Geno to fail, start, showcase his talent and move on in 2015.
The Jets organization did little to support Geno Smith’s future. Did nothing for his confidence and shorted him the tools necessary to succeed.

For a quarterback to succeed in today’s NFL they must be competent in their passing game. They must have reliable receivers and know those receivers tendencies on every play.
It’s a chemistry that takes time to develop.

“It takes time. Not only for him to learn the offense but for a quarterback to adjust to his speed, how he runs routes, understanding his body language when he’s coming in and out of cuts so he knows how far to lead him. All those things play a factor. It doesn’t happen overnight. The best quarterbacks will tell you, it doesn’t happen overnight.” -QB- Brady Quinn spent 8 weeks with Smith and the Jets in 2013

Four time super bowl winner Terry Bradshaw took approximately five years to truly develop. Drafted in 1970 his best year was 1978 and his final stats: 212 TD’s – 210 INT’s. His secret, he could throw an 60 harder to Lynn Swann.
It’s a game of inches. Joe Namath did not throw a pass in the fourth quarter of super bowl III. For his part, Terry Bradshaw had some 17 attempt games.
The New York Jets have a solid running game. The Jets controlled the clock for 40 minutes vs.The new England patriots.

The New York Jets are just now getting their receiving group back together. Jace Amaro, Percy Harvin, Eric Decker, Jeremy Kerley, Jeff Cumberland are a solid group of individuals who will be a force when utilized correctly by the right quarterback and offensive coordinator.

Former NFL quarterback and current FOX broadcaster Brady Quinn, who spent eight weeks on the Jets roster last season and also went through his own benching as a member of the Cleveland Browns, broke down a number of factors that exacerbated Smith’s struggles for For The Win.

Quinn said that the Jets financially tied to Smith win or lose
“When you’re not investing as much into a guy, you can say, all right we’re into his second year, we feel like he should be progressing more. We’ve got to pull the plug for job security [of the coaches and GM].”

What about Geno Smith and Matt Simms development?
“I was there for the first eight weeks last year and did my best as a veteran guy to try to sit down and teach him and help him understand the defenses he’s going to see week in and week out. Their tendencies, their tells. How to watch them, how to prepare and what we needed to get accomplished each day off the field so when we got on the practice field things would be better”.

With Geno and Matt Simms, both young guys, they didn’t have anything like that. I tried to do that and be that mentorfor him since Mark [Sanchez] wasn’t really there and was off dealing with his shoulder. Either way there was a quarterback competition [between Sanchez and Smith]. An older guy’s not going to teach a younger guy so he can help him take his job, especially when there’s an open quarterback competition.

Now the Jets bring in Michael Vick and say it’s a quarterback competition. Well, there’s no one really mentoring this kid. There’s no veteran guy really trying to help him out then if you’re trying to say that there’s a quarterback competition. Mike Vick said all the right things and did all the right things and I’m sure he tried to help him in his own way. But somewhere when your coach or GM is saying this, that there’s a quarterback competition, it’s hard even if you’re the veteran guy. ‘If we’re competing, why am I going to try to help this guy?’ It’s probably hard for a lot of guys to want to try and help a guy out if they feel like they’re competing for their livelihood.”

Brady Quinn had to wait until his third season in the league to be named an NFL starter.
What advice would you give Geno in this situation:

“Hopefully he can be tough minded enough to take it as a learning experience. Sit back and watch how Michael Vick prepares,” Quinn said. “Watch how he plays. Watch his decision making. He should be much more of a seasoned vet in all that given his experience.

Hopefully he can pick up some things from him and implement them into his own game and emulate that in the future to have more success. There’s no doubt he’s shown some flashes of being able to throw the ball and have some success in the NFL and I think he could definitely be that player. Something’s not clicking and not allowing him to utilize all his capabilities to play on that level.”


Embattled JETS' QB shall return to the lineup - Yahoo sports

Brady Quinn interview with FOR THE WIN excepted.

by Jim Boyd @OneJetDrive on Twitter & Facebook


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