N.Y. Jets – QB-Michael Vick’s career gets second chance | One week of practice with First team a concern

Michael Vick, signed with the New York Jets in March to provide competition for Smith and serve as a mentor, leaving his home with the Philadelphia Eagles. This week he’s the starting quarterback.


'Round the locker room view on Michael Vick starting for the Jets

video link- ’round the locker room view of Vick as starting QB.

Mark Sanchez left the New York Jets for the Philadelphia Eagles as Geno Smith became the new hope for the future. A part of New General manager John Idzik’s plan for “sustainable success”.

Today, as Michael Vick prepares to start at quarterback for the Jets, New Yorkers are questioning whether Mark Sanchez would have been the better quarterback with the Jets New receiving weapons given Geno Smith’s performances to date..


Newyorkjets.com -Vick on season (see link below)

Jets QB Mike Vick says our season is not over (video link)

Sunday at Kansas City marks another chance for Michael Vick to play quarterback. He last started on Oct. 27, 2013, for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Vick chose to come to the Jets, where he was reunited with offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, the man who helped revive his career with the Eagles in 2009.

Philadelphia’s coach then was Andy Reid, who now Coaches the Chiefs. The fact that he’s facing his former coach plays in Reid’s favor, in Vick’s opinion.

“If there is anybody who knows me, it’s him,” Vick said.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid said of Michael Vick’s age (34):

“He’s going to be 50 years old and still be the fastest guy on the field and the best arm on the field,” Reid said.

Vick on getting the opportunity to lead the New York Jets:

“It’s just something that I want to take full advantage of and go out and have fun with my teammates and try to get a win,” he said. “And that’s the challenge. It’s going to be tough on the road in Kansas City. But, what else would you want? You wouldn’t want it any other way.”

“When you have a chance to go out and show and prove, I think you’ve got to take advantage of the opportunity,” “They don’t come around too often as I’ve seen for the last year and a half not being the starter.”

“So just having this chance to become a starter again is almost like a dream come true.”

Vick has been patient, saying all of the right things about Geno Smith since he signed with New York.
But competitive desire burned as he stood each week, on the sideline watching the team struggle, he naturally wanted to help.

But should fans expect a miracle with only a couple of days of practice time?
Timing and knowing your receivers route running tendencies takes time. Time for the chemistry to develop. One week of practice is not time enough. How long will John Idzik afford Vick – Time.

“I mean, it’s tough when you’re the backup and you want to get out there and try to help, but you never know if you are going to get out there and make a difference until you’re out there,”

“So, it’s easy to say from the sideline, and it’s harder when you’re out there actually playing. So, I think being a competitor I wanted to be out here. I wanted to help in some way, but now I have an opportunity to try to make a difference and hopefully I can and my teammates will follow.” -Michael Vick

When Geno Smith was benched vs. The buffalo bills, Michael Vick tried to do too much which led to 2 lost turnovers.


Players agree - Vick provides a spark to the offense

Amaro, Colon, Sudfeld and others on what Vick provides
NOTE: The players are also concerned that one week’s practice with the ones is not enough.
Did JETS hurt themselves investing everything in Smith.

“I got greedy,” Vick said Wednesday, according to Long Island’s Newsday.

“I was trying to play like a 24-year-old Mike Vick and I can understand I’ve got to play that way, but you’ve got to play with some type of control.”

Vick, finally took all of the snaps with the starting offense Wednesday, and it will remain the case all week as he tries to develop a timing rapport with receivers such as Eric Decker, Percy Harvin, Jace Amaro, Jeff Cumberland and Jeremy Kerley. But that doesn’t happen overnight.

“Sometimes you are putting some new plays in and things like that,” “Sometimes the timing is not perfect, by any stretch, (because of lack of practice) but I think he looked pretty good.” Head Coach Rex Ryan said.

Vick provided a spark to the offense when he came in against the Bills, leading the Jets to a touchdown.
But he also made mistakes losing two fumbles and an interception. But Vick showed that he can still make plays with his legs, he rushed for the game high of 69 yards on eight carries.

“He’s still Michael Vick,” right guard Willie Colon said. “He’s a threat, not only with his arm, but with his feet. That kind of puts defenses on their heels at times and just gives us another edge.”

Vick and Ryan talked turnovers this week, about protecting the football. Ryan said the 2 lost turnovers Vick had last week were a “concern,” but Vick is striving to make it a non-issue as he settles in.

“No quarterback in this league is perfect and I think we all know that,” Vick said. “But to fumble the ball twice, I think that’s something that I’ve got to take care of and just got to protect the ball. Last week, I got greedy.”

Perhaps it was first play jitters as he tried to resurrect a game that was lost in the first few minutes by QB Geno Smith (3 successive turnovers, interceptions and a zero passer rating).


A chance for Geno to watch, listen and learn

Rex – Geno getting an opportunity to learn

The situation is now as it should have been going into week 1 with the New York Jets.
Michael Vick should have been the starter for the team as Geno Smith learned the quarterback position from the veteran.
Perhaps now Geno Smith will have the proper attitude to look listen and learn from Vick; as Geno is sure to get another chance at the starting quarterback position in New York.


Player views on QB change - link below

Player views on Jets QB change (link)

by Jim Boyd @OneJetDrive on Twitter & Facebook


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