New York Jets Debate as problems loom larger for 2015

For the New York Jets winning the numbers game and losing on the score board has become familiar scene.


Winning the battle but not the WAR

Čheck out this video link and tell us this isn’t the way the Jets season has gone:
This is the New York Jets season in a wrap up

Jets fans debated: heading into 2015 holds additional problems for player personnel. Fans don’t want John Idzik making those decisions after two years of failing. 5 of his 19 picks remain anywhere near the team.

Don’t miss this important debate; Are your sediments echoed here? They should be. Click the link and hear.

Jets Debate: Four important opinions sum up the trouble coming in 2015 and what about this year? What’s happening right before our eyes!


No turnovers | Where has Chris Johnson been?

Where are the stats for the Tight Ends; Why did Mornhinweg abandon an important facet of our game?


Percy Harvin is a great addition to our team but he's not our entire offense. Why were the Jets tight ends ignored over the middle?

Can offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg out together a complete game plan?

Amaro and tight ends ignored over the middle vs. Kansas city chiefs

Michael Vick has earned the starting role with his play.

Vick's stats and mobile style are enough to keep him as starter. Should he have started the season letting Geno Smith learn from a veteran for the first time?

The Jets are puzzling in their play calling and unstable in team play.
Offense scores, defense let’s opponent go 90 yards on next set of downs.

They have yet to come together as a team even though they have cut down turnovers and penalties.

Erratic play doesn’t win in the NFL. This is a good team. One not worthy of their record despite their no name cornerbacks.

°Stats courtesy of Yahoo sports
by Jim Boyd @OneJetDrive on Twitter & Facebook


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