N.Y. Jets HC-Rex Ryan, GM-John Idzik Together again in 2015

Woody Johnson, the owner of the New York Jets is a businessman first and foremost.


HC Rex Ryan and GM John Idzik both unhappy with the current state of the team.

Remember the 2013 General Manager search? The Jets had a difficult time finding candidates to take over a team with so many needs, and then finding the right fit.


Surveying the current state of the team shows wide gaps exist.

Now with lingering offensive problems; the Jets have not had a franchise quarterback since Chad Pennington, and an added lack of defensive players; a complete absence of a defensive backfield, the job is even less appealing now.

General manager John Idzik was brought in to help head coach Rex Ryan get the New York Jets to the playoffs and beyond – that jobs not done yet. Some would argue it hasn’t started based on two questionable drafts.

Idzik’s two years and two drafts have fallen flat but it is not representative of the overall plan set into motion.


Idzik has come under what has to be unbearable pressure of late

Sustained success via the draft for long term success with younger players is his goal.
One thing that is clear is that the team has made some questionable picks and some clear misses.

There are some weapons to build upon; The free agency acquisitions of Michael Vick, Eric Decker and Percy Harvin have been solid moves for the team. The threesome should be back in 2015 as their are too many other needs to be filled by the draft.

The answer, many believe, is that changes should be made in the scouting and positional coaching departments – not chopping of the head of the organization, but augmenting it.

Any business plan takes time and execution to succeed. It also requires adjustments along the way.
In this case, those adjustments mean adding savvy player personnel in the front office.

Rex Ryan will remain if he so chooses and John Idzik will be given another year to test his theory if the past is any indication of how woody Johnson will react to this year’s lack of talent.

It’s important to remember that the Jets have needs at more positions Now than they did in 2013.

Of note is the offensive line, a quarterback, linebackers and a defensive backfield. Tough sledding ahead.

While most fans no longer trust John Idzik to make those draft decisions, the Jets may make the necessary scouting position changes necessary to augment Idzik’ decision making process. (I.e., Terry Bradway, time for a change after 15 years?)

Remembering the General manager search:

“The New York Jets’ general manager search is not going well. They have met with a ton of quality candidates, but the position remains open. So what’s the problem?
“They can’t give the position away,” Fox Sports insider and NFL Network contributor Jay Glazer reported Sunday. “They are now calling back candidates that turned them down, saying please reconsider.”

This sort of thing usually does not happen because GM jobs are so hard to come by in the NFL.

On the Jets’ interview list are former Chicago Bears GM Jerry Angelo, in-house candidate Scott Cohen, Miami Dolphins assistant GM Brian Gaine, Pittsburgh Steelers executive Omar Khan, Seattle Seahawks vice president of football administration John Idzik, San Francisco 49ers director of player personnel Tom Gamble and New York Giants director of college scouting Marc Ross.

The Jets situation is tricky because of Woody Johnson’s questionable ownership.

The Jets also lack offensive talent, not to mention an offensive coordinator. Those factors are scaring away quality GM candidates.

UPDATE: Some people might want the job after all. ESPN reported later Sunday, citing sources, that the Jets will have follow-up talks with Angelo, Cohen and Khan, possibly starting Tuesday, and the team hopes to hire someone by Friday. ESPN also reported that former Denver Broncos GM Ted Sundquist interviewed for the job last week.”
Excepted from:
Published: Jan. 13, 2013 at 12:28 p.m.
New York Jets can’t give away general manager job.

Gregg Rosenthal
Around The NFL Editor

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