N.Y. Jets Head Coach, Players unfairly fined by NFL after Steelers Game

The New York Jets Vs. The Pittsburgh Steelers game was an emotional win for the Jets head coach and Players.

It was a hard fought, gut-check game for the Jets players who have been under fire of late for not giving their all in execution.

The Jets have complained throughout the year that they have been playing two teams, the opponents and the referees.

This week head coach Rex Ryan was fined $100,000 by the National Football League for his reportedly, “profane outburst” Sunday after the final whistle, whereupon Rex was heading off the sideline to the mid-field handshake.

To the untrained eye, Ryan mouthed “Thank you” as the coach joked he said later on in a press interview. Apparently the league employed a lip reader.


An emotional Rex Ryan leaves the field after win over Steelers.

The Jets stopped an eight-game losing slide with an upset win over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The team was on the precipice of a nine game, history making, losing streak.

Not only Rex Ryan was fined either; Jason Babin and Michael Vick also received fines from the National Football League. Neither of the latter where warranted.

Jason Babin was fined for hitting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger after the whistle when in fact Babin had been in motion at the time the whistle was blown.

As for Michael Vick he did flip the ball to the ground after being subjected to a late hit and taunted while two referees stood idly by and did nothing.

Ryan was fined $100,000 for use of a profanity and was seen on camera yelling “F— you!” (Or Thank You) to someone ( real or imaginary ) on the field as he walked to midfield for the handshake.

Ryan, also received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in the fourth quarter (1:49 left on the game clock) for arguing an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty should have been called on the Steelers, thus protecting quarterback Michael Vick who was hit late and taunted.

Rex Ryan was visibly upset ( and rightly so ) because he felt the referees didn’t “protect” Jets Quarterback Michael Vick as well as Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger throughout the entire game. (See pictures below).

The Pittsburgh Steelers weren’t penalized for any of their questionable his on Vick.

During Monday’s interview Rex Ryan commented on his alleged profanity.

“I think I was saying, ‘Thank you,'” Rex jokingly said.

“Emotions run high in games. Sometimes it’s best to … what happens on the field stays on the field. That’s where it stems from. It’s a very emotional game. Obviously, I’ve got to do a good job of controlling my emotions. Things happen. I’m sorry if I offended anybody.”

In 2011, Rex was fined $75k when at halftime of a game against the New England Patriots at MetLife Stadium, As he walked to the locker room, Ryan was heckled by a fan who said: “Rex, Belichick is better than you” whereupon Rex famously replied “Shut the f— up!”.

Geno Smith recently experienced a similar situation and reacted the same way.

Jets LB-Jason Babin’s fine amounted to $16,537 for unnecessary roughness for a late hit on Ben Roethlisberger, where Babin, again, in motion, did not hear the whistle.

Michael Vick’s fine amounted to $8,268 for unsportsmanlike conduct for flipping the ball, post play, at an opponent – questionable call at best.

The Pittsburgh Steelers should have been called for taunting on this play. With 1:49 left on the game clock, two Steeler players spend 20 seconds taunting Mike Vick who had given himself up on the play.
Vick was touched as he lay on the ground, ending the play.
Vick is “hit” late by #22 of the Steelers as two referees stand watching the taunting.


Hitting Michael Vick when he's down and taunting him gets no penalty from two referees standing by.

Jets’ players, Zach Sudfeld, Geno Smith and TJ Graham plead for the taunting call as it continues, yet referees refuse to throw the flag on the Steelers.

In the NFL taunting is defined as “the use of abusive, threatening, or insulting language or gestures to opponents, teammates, officials, or representatives of the league.”

Only after Mike Vick was able to get up and he flipped the ball out of his hands was a flag thrown and that was to penalize him for unsportsmanlike conduct.

To fine Rex Ryan and Michael Vick is only adding insult to injury.

David Harris, after the Bears loss said he sees a pattern emerging “What else is new? It seems like we’re playing against two teams out there sometimes.” Similar to the players quotes after the packers game.

by Jim Boyd @OneJetDrive on Twitter & Facebook


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