N.Y. Jets Fans feel cheated by owner and stadium.

UPDATE: March,2016. Jets Fans can expect a rise in costs up to ~ 4% in 2016. It’s reportedly the first rise since 2011.

It’s not easy being a life long New York Jets Fan. It hasn’t been for sometime. But these days there’s more than just the stress of a win loss record. It has become a financial burden.

N.Y. Jets Fans were forced into a great divide, first when the team moved from the Mets stadium (a.k.a. Shea stadium) to the Meadowlands and Giants stadium and second by the building of MetLife Stadium (Jets and Giants share $1.6 Billion dollar debt) and having the $800 million dollar debt forced upon them..

The fight between the New York Jets ownership (Leon Hess) and New York city mayor Ed Koch left the fans with no westside stadium and the Jets never really considered Long Island and Calverton, a complex building and airport vacated by the Grumman Corp.
[Even though multiple N.Y. teams play on Long Island in NYC’ Brooklyn borough]

Now, constantly without sell out crowds and an investment ratio of minus 54%, both owner and fan feel the $800 million dollar pinch.

What was once a waiting list situation is now a free for all on ticket websites.

The only loser is the Jets Fans as they pay for driving to New Jersey, pay for seats, pay for personal seat licences to own the right to pay for the seat and then of course pay for parking to get to the seat that the psl earned you first right of refusal to buy.

Odd, isn’t it. An enormous PSL fee only gives you the right to purchase that seat(s), in that stadium’ game ticket. Nothing else.

You can pay the psl but if you don’t buy the ticket the Jets will sell it to someone else ( who will not thank you for buying the psl and then going broke).
You can’t sell multiple psl’s to one seat so you had better have the cash for the psl, the season ticket and parking fees stashed away before even considering this binding contractual agreement.
You don’t need to see this on your credit report.

Here is one man’s story but there are countless others that you hear about all the time.

Note: you can purchase season tickets that don’t have Personal Seat licenses attached to them but you had better own a good pair of binoculars. That kind of kills the “game experience” for the average Joe.

At that point you may be better off considering the NFL’s partner in “crime”, Directv’s NFL Sunday ticket max at $350 + $150 for the monthly level of service package required.

story originally posted by: NEW YORK JETS FUEL

New York Jets Fan Feels Cheated – His Story

Jets fan’ frustrations has reached it’s boiling point.
New York Jet Fans shell out a lot of there hard earned money for PSL tickets so they can watch there favorite team play every sunday. I recently talked with a fan who owns these tickets and had him tell me in his own words how he felt about his team at this current moment; After the Jets decided to hold back 20 million this year and not put the best product on the field.

This is the story of (Seamus O’Malley) PSL holder since 2010:

I have been a Jets fan for as long as I can remember. I can’t say exactly what drew me to this team. The majority of my family are Giants fans and my dad is a Patriots fan. Whatever the reason, I somehow ended up becoming a fan of Gang Green and it has been a choice that has haunted me ever since.

I actually can not recall my first Jets game. I was a kid, probably somewhere around 10. I do remember the Sack Exchange being on the field so it had to be around the mid ’80’s. I watched the games on TV every chance I got. I was infatuated with them, regardless of where they were in the standings. This was my team. I followed them through thick and thin.

At some point in my very early teens, my name was added to the wait list for season tickets. The Jets had just recently moved to The Meadowlands (I will NEVER call it Giants Stadium) and the demand was high. The list at the time was well over a 10 year wait but I didn’t care. I knew that someday, when I grew up, I was going to have season tickets for my beloved New York Jets and that was good enough for me.

Mind you, a person of weaker will and perhaps a bit more intelligence, would have walked away from this team. Think about the teams the Jets fielded. You had the end of the Joe Walton era. I suffered through Bruce Coslet. I suffered through Blair Thomas and Browning Nagle. I watched the young and upcoming Pete Carroll get canned after just one season only to be followed by Rich freakin’ Kotite. I saw the Jets spend a ton of money on Neil O’Donnell, who, at one point, got “injured” during pre-game warmups. They went 3-13 and 1-15 in back to back years. Those were lean times to say the least.

Then came a brief bright period when Parcells was here. The team turned around and for a few years, it was fun to be a fan. Also during this time, my number came up on the waiting list. After waiting 12 long years, I was FINALLY going to be a season ticket holder. Not only did I get selected, I was somehow able to score AWESOME seats. Sec. 130, Row 9. Those seats were on the 40 yard line and behind the visitor’s bench. I was in heaven.

Years go on and the Jets never really went that far. There was the AFC Title Game in 1998 but the following season, Testaverde tore his achilles, Parcells left, Belichick resigns on a fucking napkin and goes to New England and we all know how that worked out and the Jets just creeped back into mediocrity.
Yeah, we had Curtis and Chrebet. Pennington was good soldier but they just couldn’t seem to get it done. New England was just too damn good. Despite the fact that Herm said, “ You play to win the game”, they didn’t seem to do too much winning. Edwards destroyed Curtis by giving him over 300 carries a season and the Jets floundered again.

Times goes on and there is talk of the Jets getting their own stadium in the West Side of Manhattan. While I wasn’t overly excited about the prospects of the Jets playing in the city as there would have been no parking and tailgating would have gone the way of the dodo, it would have been great for the Jets to have their own state of the art facility. They would have been in the heart of the Big Apple and you would actually have a team playing in New York. Alas, the city voted it down and that was it. No stadium for the Jets.

The Meadowlands facility was reaching the end of its usefulness and it was time for a new building. This time, instead the Jets being the bastard child of the Giants and playing in a building built specifically for them, the Jets and Giants go into the new building as equal partners and this is when the average football fan in the New York metropolitan area got fucked. Hard.

With the new building, new seat pricing and PSLs were introduced.

My awesome seats, that I waited over a decade for, went from $105 per ticket to $700 per ticket AND I had to purchase a PSL for each seat at the cost of $25,000. That’s right, you read that correctly. It would cost me $25,000 PER SEAT just to have “the rights” to purchase $700 seats. Basically to keep the seats that I had in the previous building went from an annual cost of $4200 to $28,000 AND I had to pay $100,000 in PSL fees (more if I financed it).

Needless to say, the seats I waited my whole life for were no longer affordable. I probably should have just walked away, especially since I was now living in Massachusetts, but like a fool, I opted for a “more affordable” seat. I am now in section 133, near the goal line and 21 rows back. These seats were a “bargain” at $130 per ticket and came with a $7500 PSL per seat. While not nearly as good as my seats in the old building, they are still decent. I just wish I had my old seats back. Oh, and by the way, this PSL thing only lasts as long as that building does. If in the event that the Jets relocate OR they build a new building, the money I paid for my PSLs today doesn’t mean shit. If I want tickets in the new building, I’d have to pony up again.

What kills me the most about this situation is that this building is shared with another NFL team…meaning they get TWICE AS MANY GAMES AS OTHER STADIUMS. The cost of the building was shared between TWO owners and there is opportunity for revenue for 20 GAMES as opposed to 10 for all other stadiums. (Pre-season prices are the same as regular season…which is totally bullshit).

Meanwhile, the New England Patriots built a brand new stadium, have one team playing there and their owner didn’t screw the fans like the owners of both the Jets and the Giants. While I hate all things New England Patriots, their owner did right by their fans. If only we had ownership like that…

A lot of hardcore Jets fans walked away and have never come back.

Those people had common sense. Why in your right mind would you agree to pay that kind of money to watch a football game? The thing that gets me even more is that not all of the seats are sold out. People didn’t bite. The Jets waaaaay overestimated the amount of people willing to pay these insane rates. Now, when they started selling this crap, we were told that individual games would only be sold in the upper levels. Now, especially right this minute since the team sucks so bad, tickets are being sold on a game to game basis in my area since not enough of the PSLs have been sold. That only drives the value of the tickets down and I can not sell games that I can not attend and quite frankly, it pisses me off.

How does a consumer voice their displeasure?
What is the one thing they can do to get their point across?

However, I do not have a choice. I am contractually obligated to continue to pay off the balance of my PSLs. If I decide to not purchase my season tickets, they will be released to the masses for someone else to have the opportunity to buy them but I am still on the hook for the remainder of the PSL, which is still around $19,000. Me walking away from my tickets doesn’t hurt the Jets, it only hurts me. I have zero recourse when this organization decides to make moves that are not in the best interests of the long-term benefit of the team.

As a fan with season tickets, I suffer TENFOLD what the average fan who follows the team but does not pay into the ticket madness. It just sucks on every level.

by Jim Boyd @OneJetDrive on Twitter & Facebook


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8 Responses to N.Y. Jets Fans feel cheated by owner and stadium.

  1. dean says:

    im walking away from my psl better to cut your loses now the jets and wooday johnson are not worth a single penny fromme as far as im concerned. there is no way they will sue thier fan base


    • MedicFL1 says:

      That would be more bad press that Johnson definitely doesn’t want or need.
      Interested to hear if anything happens though.
      Keep us all posted on what does or doesn’t happen.


    • MedicFL1 says:

      The team has hit many long time season ticket holders too hard in their wallets. Some middle class fans have had to part ways with their seats because of $20,000 PSL pricing. (Told to me by a fan with a block of 4 seats).
      To the NFL, this is a business. To the fans it’s a sport that soon only the upper class may be able to afford without having to bring binoculars & a radio to the game to “see” what happened on the field.


  2. Gustav Farley says:

    The only thing I can say that the team should have their own place next to cities field in queens so jets fans don’t have to deal with the psl’s nonsense.


  3. Gustav Farley says:

    All I want to day that the jets should own their stadium next to cities field in queens.


    • MedicFL1 says:

      The Gruman Corporation, Defense Aerospace company merged with Northrop.
      This left a large facility area and its own airstrip available in Calverton, Long Island.
      Some 100,000 jobs were lost during that period and a new stadium would have had an excellent site, complete with highway accesses readily available.
      But the Westside project was the Apple of their eye as Leon Hess was shutdown by mayor Koch.
      I can’t imagine a stadium on the west side of the island of Manhattan, but they could.
      Koch was later sorry he rejected the Jets – per some reports.
      They and their revenue now reside in N.J. Thanks, in part, to mayor Ed Koch.


  4. Al Tamasiunas says:

    Do the Giants fans pay a PSL also?


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