N.Y. Jets Rex Ryan press conference | Coming off the bye and winning.

The New York Jets practiced during their bye week and are taking the remainder of the season one game at a time.


Vick, First team practice during bye week this year. nyjets.com

Jets quarterback Michael Vick has had NO turnovers and saved multiple plays with his mobility. He also made a statement with his downfield bullet to TJ Graham for an early Jets touchdown.
Vick maybe 34 years old but their are several other quarterbacks equal in age that no one is talking about getting rid of.
Michael Vick will return to the Jets in 2015 as the team struggles to find their franchise quarterback.

Jarrett will start Pryor will play says Rex Ryan.


Rex Ryan press conference

Rex Ryan talked about his safeties and that the coaching staff has to figure out how to work them all into a rotation, adding, yet again that Pryor was not being punished by Jarrett’s starting.

Jets veteran safety Jaiquawn Jarrett had a monster game against the Steelers and will start again this week against Buffalo. The question is, will it be at a cost of sitting your top draft pick, Calvin Pryor.

During Rex Ryan’s press conference Rex ensured reporters (and everyone else listening via the Jets app) that Pryor will play as well.

Pryor did play special teams last week despite not playing safety.

Only one thing is holding Calvin back and that is his ability to be coached. Pryor has been unable to finish tackles, taking his man down.
His specialty has always been lowering his head going for the hard hit as a strong safety.
So far, that has led to several missed tackles and opponents simply bouncing off him.

Pryor also has trouble playing in space, often not certain of his assignment, expecting help over the top to make the play.
During this “time off” has Pryor learned how to wrap up while tackling and play in a Rex Ryan defensive scheme?

“I think his role is that he’s going to play. Whether a guy starts or comes off the bench or plays in this and this, he’s going to play a significant role for us,” Ryan said.

“That’s where it’s at, you don’t have to explain yourself. You just do what you feel is in the best interest of the team and you warrant your plays you warrant your playing time.”

“But it’s not that I’m down on Calvin, I’m not. I think Jaiquawn Jarrett deserved a shot, the way he was practicing, the way he was playing in games, that’s why I made the move that I did.”

The Jets have had to reposition their players to cover gaping holes in their defense, such as the cornerback situation.</em

“I think going into the season we might of had a different plan on some of our base defenses, what that would look like, but with the way the roster is now you have to make adjustments, and we’ll make adjustments trying to put our football team in the best situation, not just one player.”

Ryan knows asking Pryor to play out of his familiar position might not have been the best move for Pryor’s individual game but Ryan doesn’t worry about that because he has to worry about what’s best for the team as a whole.

“I think if you were going to do what’s in his best interest than yeah, you would have done that. But you try to do what’s in the best interest of your team. We’re not looking to just win the Rookie of the Year, we’re trying to win games, we haven’t been real good at it now, but you got to look at the pieces you have and try and put your team in the best situation to be successful not just one individual.” Ryan said during his press conference.

Jets fans asking with Rex Ryan want to see Pryor improve his open-field tackling.

“It starts with tackling, you got to get guys on the ground, he gets some great shots, he’s a good tackler but you got to get them down in space, especially when you have that much room and that’s not easy. But I think that’s an area where he’s working hard to improve.”

Marty Mornhinweg and the offensive game. Will Marty open it up and stop changing game plans as he did in the Steelers game.

It’s time for the Jets, when winning the coin toss, to receive the ball.

The Jets do better playing from a lead than a deficit.

The Jets have weapons and Vick should be getting more comfortable with them three weeks into practicing with the first team.

TE-Jace Amaro has taken a big playing time hit with the emergence of WR-Percy Harvin and Mornhinweg must learn to utilize all the weapons he has at his disposal.
There is no denying Harvin’s speed and play making ability but there is room to spread the ball around when you have receivers like, Eric Decker, Jace Amaro, Jeremy Kerley in the mix with Harvin.

The running game is alive and well.

Chris Ivory is a bulldozer and unlike Chris Johnson he can make a break through the tackles where Johnson must use his speed to get to the outside when the “hole” isn’t there for him.
By that reasoning, Chris Ivory is under utilized, albeit, not by much.

The Jets seem comfortable leaving third down duty to Bilal Powell as Chris Johnson now gets his snaps.

The Jets seem to have answered the call of veteran teammates to “Know your job” “Do your job” If they continue on playing as a team, executing with their all on every play, there is no reason why the Jets should not win out the rest of the season – one game at a time.

Note: Rex Ryan also addressed the situation with Willie Colon and penalties when asked. Rex stated that they practice hard counts and added that colon was upset with himself for his mistakes.

Oday Aboushi has played well covering Michael Vick’s blind side, filling in for the injured Brian Winters who’s on IR. Leaving the Jets with one less worry come the 2015 draft.

by Jim Boyd @OneJetDrive on Twitter & Facebook


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