Leon Hess and Wayne Cherbet induced into Jets Ring of Honor

Hess and Chrebet to be inducted into the Ring of Honor.

Chrebet deserves it without question, but does Hess?

He bought the team in 1963 ($250k), buying out all partners from proceeds from his Hess oil co.

The Jets played in Shea Stadium ( leased and subservient to the N.Y. Metropolitans a.k.a the Mets ) in 1964 after four seasons in the Polo Grounds. In 1984 Hess ( Now sole owner ) moved the team to Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey after a fight with the mayor of NYC.

The rest as they say, is history. The long disconnect with fans began.


Hess made the team second in this New York football by playing at giants stadium.

So what did Hess do to deserve the ring of Honor? Own the team?

Sonny Werblin, the man who brought in QB Joe Namath, a part owner bought out by Hess, named the team the Jets bringing them into the modern age, made them competitive and led the team to Super bowl III, Which in turn led to the AFL / NFL merger – not Leon Hess.

Basically, Hess was the Forefather to today’s quagmire of MetLife Stadium and PSL’s.

Inducting Hess is yet another example of the front office’s disconnect with the fans.

Woody Johnson paid $630 million 15 years ago. He also bought into MetLife for $800 million along with the Giants, prompting the PSL fees – so it continues.

It’s not fair to discuss walk-on turned star wide receiver, Wayne Cherbet ( Hofstra ) in the same breath as Hess.

My apologies and congratulations, again, to Wayne Chrebet. Well deserved.

by Jim Boyd @OneJetDrive on Twitter & Facebook


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