Jets – Calvin Pryor, Quick take: must learn to play in space.

The New York Jets have reason to be concerned when it comes to their number one draft pick of 2014.

Updated: 24 November,2014.

Safety Calvin Pryor can’t play in space, misses tackles and fails to wrap up opponents.


Pryor was benched in favor of Jaiquan Jarrett who had 4 turnover recoveries, earning him NFL defensive player of the week.

Calvin Pryor was lauded as the next hall of fame candidate coming out of college.

“He had three games in a row where he hit somebody and they did not finish the game,” defensive coordinator Vance Bedford told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “He doesn’t want to injure anybody, but he brings a certain physicality that if you’re going to throw the ball down the middle of the field, you’re going to pay a price … That’s what makes great players. Understanding the entire defense. Calvin Pryor is a lot like that.” “.
The New York Jets drafted that Calvin Pryor.

Pryor hasn’t taken “good angles” in his over pursuit. Has been “hip faked” causing missed tackles, has been caught letting a receiver run by him expecting (over the top help) someone else to be there to make the tackle.

The asset I value the most from Pryor’s game is aggression. He treads the fine line between disruption and recklessness, which can scare some evaluators.

However, good safeties take great angles in a hurry. It’s a skill rooted in confidence and belief in what the player sees on the field”.

One of the first things I notice with Pryor in open space is how fast he moves. He might not be the fastest player in shorts with a stopwatch keeping time, but his direct, aggressive flights to the ball carrier and skill at dropping said opponent remind me of Troy Polamalu.-Matt Waldman,Football Outsiders.

Let’s go to the video tape…

Watch the New York Jets video below where Pryor misses the sack (but actually got credit for .5 a sack anyway).
Then you see him throw an effective chop block.
But what you just don’t see is him using his arms and hands effectively, which as a safety, one would expect him to know.

QB Chad Pennington says Calvin Pryor will have to learn to be versatile as a safety (video link).

Calvin Pryor appears lost in space, assignment unknown.


Calvin Pryor completely misses tackling Bills' Sammy Watkins, fails to pursue.

Pryor needs to pick it up quickly and should have been coached in proper NFL technique by now.

Going into week 12 and Pryor, our number one pick is still a question.

Rex Ryan benched Pryor as a starting safety relegating him to special teams play.
Ryan believes Pryor can and will, make the transition to his pro style defense.
Rex has stood by Pryor stating he’s had to play him out of position because of secondary issues. It’s clear that Pass coverage isn’t his strength.

“I can tell you this: I have a lot of faith in this young man,” said Ryan, “I think he’s going to be a tremendous player for us.”

Calvin Pryor has shown fans a immature side too. First by touting his accolades on Twitter and then on the field to teammates. Pryor was reportedly told by QB Geno Smith to tone it down.
Later, Pryor, under heat from fans, because of his poor play, deleted his social media accounts.

Pryor must Learn this defensive scheme and his position in it. That’s what Fans are asking and the Jets require. Yes, he has been played as more of a free safety rather than charging the line but either way his tackling technique has been poor.


Pryor bragged about his pay day - the Jets are still waiting for the payoff.

This team came together against the Pittsburgh Steelers, playing to their potential, and will need to remain so throughout the remainder of the season.

As a first round draft pick Calvin Pryor’s time is now. Time to show he can learn and play in the NFL. His fans and teammates are waiting and hoping he does.

Of the Jets 12 draft picks only Jace Amaro remains a starter.

In an interview with METRO’ kristian dyer posted November 24th 2014 Calvin Pryor admits he’s learning now that he’s been benched.

“I admit that it isn’t easy. It’s not,” Pryor told Metro. “You don’t want to take a back seat. You want to be out there playing, working. Humbling? I don’t know about that. It’s part of the process though.”

It’s making me better as a football player. Now I’m in the back seat, learning a lot more, things I didn’t see before. I think it will make me a better individual. Once I bounce back from all of this, it will make me a better football player.

It is tough, but at the same time, when you watch, everything slows down. You can really see what’s going on. With me being a rookie, being thrown into the fire, now I can sit back and see where I can make a change, where I can do it differently.

I wouldn’t change it for nothing in the world. I was ready for the moment, I still am. Had a relapse. I need to come back, play with a chip on my shoulder and come back when the time is right for me to come back,” Pryor said. “I put it in God’s hand. I pray every day. I come to work, I love what I do. I wouldn’t change this for nothing in the world. I’m pretty sure the opportunity will present itself again and when it does, I need to be ready to roll.

One can only hope he’s watching and learning proper tackling technique and to cover his zone, not relying on “help over the top”. To be persistent in his pursuit.
Apparently, eight games, practice, camp and pre-season were not enough time to learn to wrap up your opponent.
It’s good to see a number one pick learning now that he has been benched and the game has “slowed down”.

The Jets are playing Buffalo in Detroit at Ford field where it will be Free Admission and General seating for all who can attend.

Directv and local CBS N.Y. stations will carry the 7 pm game on Monday.

by Jim Boyd @OneJetDrive on Twitter & Facebook


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