N.Y. JETS In turmoil -“We got out played” | Big turnover coming

The New York Jets were simply out played by the Buffalo Bills on Monday night.

Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan stated that without a doubt this is the low point of his career.

It was pretty much the beginning of the end when, the New York Jets on first down and goal to go from the Buffalo Bill’s four yard line, were pushed back to the nine and forced to kick a field goal on fourth down. The result was their only Scoring drive of the night.


Bill's receiver Robert Woods catching a touchdown pass against the Jets

Jets LB-David Harris never floundered, never took his eyes off Buffalo Bills receiver Robert Woods, as if he knew he was getting the ball from the start of the play. Harris was locked in, went step for step with Woods in one on one coverage taking the front away, but somehow wound up a spectator along with the rest of the viewers as we watched Woods catch the touchdown pass to thrown to Harris’ left. Harris didn’t seem to know where the ball was exactly or surely he would have attempted to block it.
One of the glaring plays of the night.

Special Teams not so special against the Bill’s.
Another bad showing for the Jets special teams punter, Ryan Quigley had a depressing 27-yard punt in the first quarter followed by a blocked kick for a touchdown in the 3rd quarter.
The only spark was on a kickoff return when Jeremy Kerley providing the lone spark with a 41-yard punt return.The Jets took that series all the way to the four yard line, got backed up to the nine and had to kick a field goal.

On the offensive line, Willie Colon, Breno Giacomini struggled and again, Amaro/Cumberland got beat.

The New York Jets entered this game with rested and prepared coming off of their bye week. Blown assignments, missed blocks, and penalties continued. Performances like this get coaches fired and players cut. While two consecutive drafts and insisting Geno Smith start for eight games, choosing them the season, gets General managers fired.

Just the way it went all game Monday night.

Jets quarterback Michael Vick took his second of five sacks when the Bill’s Mario Williams got skinny and beat the tandem blocking of Jace Amaro and Jeff cumberland. Had you not seen them there you would have said Williams came unabated to the quarterback as he split the two tight ends down the center and concluded his pursuit of Vick with the sack.

Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg did not make overt play call adjustments to overcome the Bill’s defensive assault of his linemen.

The Jets, given little time to execute their initial game plan, did not incorporate aggressive crossing patterns over the middle with their tight ends, Jace Amaro and Jeff Cumberland, to force the Bill’s defense to abandon their constant quarterback attack and make them play more coverage.
That failure cost the Jets seven sacks between two quarterbacks, forced an unparalleled number of hurries and scurries and somehow didn’t result in an equal number of turnovers.

Quarterback Michael Vick put it quite succinctly when he said “coaches can only coach, players gotta play”.

QB-Vick often had little time to find the open man. “We got out played” (video)

Jets HC Rex Ryan “I’m the head coach here for the next five weeks and I’m going to give it everything I’ve got”.

Did the Jets players Quit? That’s a question on allot of people’s minds after the outcome.
According to Rex Ryan, No, they didn’t but an upset Sheldon Richardson replied to one reporter; “look at the tape”.

“It’s reached back up the truck time” said WFAN New York radio show host, Mike Francesca. “The question isn’t about Rex Ryan, John Idzik, the quarterbacks; the question is who’s next”.

Will Michael Vick even be an option for the New York Jets, as a bridge, as the team continues their search for their franchise quarterback?

He has stated that he would like to continue his career for at least two more years, but what price is he willing to pay Is he willing to go through the kind of turmoil he witnessed this year on the Jets. Perhaps more so under a new regime if Rex Ryan is gone as head coach?

Michael Vick said “Listen, man, I know we are talking about something that’s so farfetched right now that I can’t even see”

Like I said: I like it here in New York, it’s been great, but I can’t predetermine or make a decision on what’s going to happen, because the minute you start setting your sights on something or wanting something too much, then if it doesn’t happen for you, then it’s a big disappointment”.

“I’d just like to just go with the flow. Whatever happens, then the decision will be made at the appropriate time.” Conor Orr, an around the NFL writer, reported.


Geno Smith ordered to be the starter by GM Idzik, overruling their head coach.

Geno Smith is back as the starting QB for the Jets against the Miami Dolphins and at this point why not? Let him make your decision for you whether he’ll be cut after this season.
Even this decision created turmoil as Rex Ryan reportedly wanted Vick to remain the starter giving the team some chance of winning but again GM Idzik told Rex, Geno Smith will start.
Always good to see the disorganization continue right up to the end.

by Jim Boyd @OneJetDrive on Twitter & Facebook


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