Idzik’ planned ouster of Jets HC Ryan | Whispers in Woody’s ear | Smith starting

The truth is finally leaking out of the New York Jets camp. It’s not as Harmonious as perceived.

John Idzik, the Jets (perhaps only) choice for the General manager position has planned to rid himself of head coach Rex Ryan from the start.
If based in fact it would clearly explain Idzik’ 2014 draft picks, leaving the team with no defensive backs in a pass orientated league.


Idzik rambled for 19 minutes during his mid year press conference

Throughout the entire season Jets head coach Rex Ryan has maintained that he and second year GM John Idzik are  Sympatico together in their plans for the team.


John Idzik and Rex Ryan appeared to be in lockstep

But With each passing week, it’s looking less and less likely that the Jets will retain head coach Rex Ryan and or John Idzik after the season, but basically Rex Ryan is being blamed for the teams depressing year. John Idzik, all he gets is a couple of billboards and a streaming banner.

While owner Woody Johnson has made no indication that Ryan will be held responsible for all the teams problems, he hasn’t publicly backed him either.


Jets Owner Woody Johnson's not coming out of the season unscathed, made No.12 of 15 worst sports owners listing according to Rolling Stone

Now, general manager John Idzik on the other hand has been exposed this week as planning Ryan’s demise all along.

With only five games left on the schedule, you would think that their would be some indication as to both Idzik’s and Ryan’s fate but that has never been woody Johnson’s style.

According to the New York Post, Ryan has known all season that Idzik planned all along to fire him.

During the offseason, the New York Post reported that, Ryan was told by scouts and coaches from around the NFL that Idzik had been making it known that his plan was to let Ryan go after 2014 and bring in a new head coach.

“Did he think that wasn’t going to get back to me?” Ryan told one confidant, the New York Post reported.

Ryan and Idzik have spoken highly of each other publicly throughout this disaster of a season. But Idzik left Rex Ryan’s hands tied without the talent to get the job done, while keeping $20 million under the salary cap.

“One thing I know, unless it changes drastically, I will be the head coach here for the next five weeks” Ryan told reporters in his post game press conference after Monday’s loss to the Buffalo Bills for the second time this season.
In a conference call today Rex was asked if he meant that he expected be be fired by making that statement. Ryan responded with a resounding, No.
What I meant was there are allot of games yet to be played, we’ll see after the season.
Rex also made it clear that he feels there is allot of talent on this team and that their record is not indicative of that.


It's been a rough year to be a New York Jets Quarterback

The Jets have announced that Geno Smith will start against the Dolphins on Monday night.

Again, controversy insued with early
reports of Ryan wanting Mike Vick to get the start possibly giving the Jets a chance to win. Apparently Ryan again has been overruled and told by Idzik that Geno Smith will start.
Later, Rex Ryan again towed the party line.
Stating Geno Smith is “the best thing” for the Jets at this point, he’s a young football player, let’s see if he’s learned from the experience. Rex Ryan said.

Ryan was dismissive with the notion that general manager John Idzik talked him out of going with Michael Vick as was reported.

Rex Ryan, putting a positive spin in his quarterback situation said,“I have said it all along I feel we have two good quarterbacks, I definitely feel that. And we have another guy that is a decent quarterback as well, in Simms. But I feel that way”.

“Today, we made the decision to go with Geno as the quarterback,” Ryan said. “Just so we all understand that, everybody is on board with this decision. … Now is the opportunity for him to step back in and let’s see how it goes.

“I, for one, am excited to watch him. He has my support on this. And that’s what I’ll say about it.”

You have to love conflicting reports, no one knows what’s really going on their.

Will Rex Ryan continue to “take it” from Idzik?

There is little doubt that Rex Ryan can and will get another coaching position. John Idzik future is not so secure.

You can bet your last dollar that John Idzik has run to woody Johnson claiming to have a plan for sustained success. But his two drafts may speak for themselves, proving that while he may have a plan, he has no idea how to execute it and the scouting department heads may be out of touch, further complicating matters.

I don’t want to be Woody Johnson at seasons end as there are far too many department heads that should roll.

by Jim Boyd @OneJetDrive on Twitter & Facebook


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