New York Jets Owner Woody Johnson named 12th worst sports owner

The Cincinnati Bengals don’t employ a General manager. The Dallas cowboys don’t have a GM.

But the New York Jets do have a General manager and in case you haven’t heard his name is John Idzik and owner Woody Johnson is responsible for him.

New York Jets Owner Woody Johnson named the 12th worst sports owner on the list of the top 15 released by Rolling Stone this week.

Woody is also responsible for 14 years of Terry Bradway, 13 of Bauer whom together head up the teams scouting department.


Jets owner Woody Johnson #15 of 15 worst sports owners.

If the New York Jets can’t find a suitable replacement for John Idzik, would owner woody Johnson go without one?

The Woodster made his money the old fashioned way, by being the great-grandson of the co-founder of Johnson & Johnson. He was so inspired by his history of personal toil that he spent 2012 backing Mitt Romney and emitting poor-shaming thinkbarf about people who don’t work hard. Recently he hosted a get-together of high-powered Republican fundraisers at his Metropolis-esque New York City penthouse to listen to whether bullying, still barely unindicted dickhead Chris Christie or Rand “I Don’t Believe in the Civil Rights Act” Paul would be better at talking to minorities and poor people. As for crimes against sports, it’s worth mentioning that the team he owns is the New York Jets.”

Rolling stone continued on:

Mike Brown, owner of the Cincinnati Bengals employs himself as the head of talent operations, leaving the General Manager position empty and the Bengals’ front office “a league-wide joke exceeded only by the Cowboys’ Jerry Jones.”According to rolling stone magazine in their 15 worst owners article.

Like Mike Brown, Jerry [Jones if the Dallas cowboys] “is both the owner and General Manager of his team, which is the football version of the attorney who represents himself: He has an idiot for a client. Jerry immediately fired the Cowboys’ only head coach, Hall of Famer Tom Landry, and GM Tex Schramm, the man who’d effectively run everything for the previous 29 years. Though their ouster was overdue, Jerry handled it about as smoothly as excommunicating a nun on her name day by punching her through a stained glass window.”

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