New York Jets quarterback’s | Final five | Seasons ţo come in question

The season was over before it began for the New York Jets and their legions of well hardened Fans.

Second year GM John Idzik made it known that he was going to fire Rex Ryan and has possibly been sabotaged by Idzik from the start.

The Jets have not had the same luck as rival Bill Belichick and the New England patriots have had.
Their sixth round pick, QB Tom Brady continues to haunt the Jets top picks at the position.

Throwing rookie quarterbacks into the fire just hasn’t worked. Our development at the position, just hasn’t worked.

Rex Ryan said in a perfect world they would sit for a few years and learn. The Jets haven’t had that luxury in some time.

This year was started with no effective defensive backs in a league that is pass happy and requiring great players at the position. GM John Idzik supplied none.

Jets’ Offensive and defensive lines are suspect and have aging players with few competent players at depth.

Our position coaches are failing to produce developed players and as such we’ve relied on free agency for starters while worrying about the salary cap.

The chain of events put into motion in 2013 secured the fate of this and several more seasons to come thanks to John Idzik and Geno Smith, a poisonous tandem.

Now the “organization” has made the decision to bench Michael Vick and start Geno Smith again, leaving Rex Ryan to defend that decision stating that both of them are good quarterbacks.

“I have said it all along I feel we have two good quarterbacks, I definitely feel that. And we have another guy that is a decent quarterback as well, in Simms. But I feel that way,” Ryan said.

In reality, the Jets don’t have one solid quarterback or they wouldn’t be 2-9 right now. If Matt Simms is “decent,” then the Jets should let him start the last five games of the season and see what he can do. Something they plan on doing with Geno Smith instead.

The Jets are just playing out the string, so they’ve decided to give the job to the younger quarterback and “see”. Ryan acknowledged that part of the decision to switch from Vick to Smith is to give the franchise more time to evaluate Smith adding that fans should anticipate this.

“Let’s see how far he’s come,” Ryan said of Smith. “We’ve given him a few weeks off, let’s see how it handles it. Yeah, I am curious to see that. But again, I mentioned I’m excited to see it.”

Change for changes sake is never a good idea.

But their are times when it becomes mandatory, this is one of those times as Fans are disgruntled and would accept Matt Simms at this point;

Personal seat licences, the hiring of an inexperienced General manager to run the team, the lack of player development, the scouting department heads who have been with the team for a decade but failed to find competent talent, have all led to comments such as:
“Mr Johnson keeping someone who planned a organizational coup instead of improvement is beyond idiotic.”

Billboards on our highways, airplanes flying banners over practice and game fields as well as what can only be described as a social media explosion of unfavorable comments.

You can bet the unrest will continue If GM John Idzik is kept, the head coach is fired and good players leave.

Owner Woody Johnson is a business man and utilizes advisers in making team management decisions, as he did when he searched for and eventually hired second year GM John Idzik.
[Mr.Johnson was recently named as the 12th worst sports owner out of a list of the top 15 worst team owners by Rolling Stone]

But who’s got Mr.Johnson’s ear now, is Idzik still touting his plan for sustained success via the draft. Two years and nineteen draft picks later two players are starters; 2 of 19 and we’re talking about 2013′ Oday Aboushi (injury to Brian Winters) and 2014′ Jace Amaro. Both of whom still need coaching. Calvin Pryor isn’t worth considering right now.

That is the problem for the Jets, not enough production from Idzik’ draft picks which led to free agency pick up’s to prop up the team this year, and it simply hasn’t worked.

Would you trust the same person to taint the process for a third year? As The saying goes, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me…

Right now 2015 is not looking good for two N.Y. football teams.

by Jim Boyd @OneJetDrive on Twitter & Facebook


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