N.Y. JETS owner agreed with draft plan | Did he know of plan to oust his head coach

N.Y. JETS owner Woody Johnson agreed with building through the draft according to source.

Was failure part of the plan by Idzik in order oust a his head coach.


Jets' owner Woody Johnson

“Woody Johnson told me that the team was going to build through the draft.”

The source, also a new season ticket holder, spoke to Johnson prior to the start of the season and vows he will not be renewing should General manager John Idzik be retained.

The question now is will Johnson, listed as the 12th worst owner out of the top 15 by Rolling Stone keep his embattled GM.

It’s a fact that Idzik and the scouting department have all but blown two consecutive drafts, 19 picks in all.


Idzik rambled for 19 minutes during his mid year press conference

Idzik seemed lost during his rambling press conference in which he had no answers and no plan going forward for this season.

Now that it’s clear that Idzik declared he would be firing head coach Rex Ryan before the start of the season, could he possibly be trusted to continue on in this capacity.

Failing to draft competent players in favor of saving salary cap money and plotting the demise of your head coach are not manager qualities any company would consider competent management.


Idzik planned firing HC Rex Ryan before the season and has not denied it at any time.

Did woody Johnson know Idzik planned Rex Ryan’s failure and firing and when did he know it.

Woody Johnson clearly needs to reconsider his management team for the sake of his team on the field.

by Jim Boyd @OneJetDrive on Twitter & Facebook


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