N.Y. Jets off-season changes will have far reaching effect

New York Jets owner woody Johnson is under pressure to make changes at both the managerial level and the coaching level.


Rex Ryan, John Idzik and woody Johnson

These changes are necessary to garner stability for the organization in 2015 and beyond.

Head Coach Rex Ryan has a contract through the 2015 season. Will Johnson honor it?

I discuss these changes and win I think need to move on in my sportsrants/NFL article.

View the article here and feel free to comment on who you think needs to move on.

Woody Johnson needs to make changes to stabilize the Jets for the coming season and beyond (link)



Rex Ryan has a contract in place for the 2015 season.


*Penalty flag towels are being distributed 2 fans for waving at the Jets vs Patriots game which read “FIRE JOHN IDZIK”

* New York Jets owner Woody Johnson inadvertently favorited A tweet that said fire John Idzik he later tweeted an apology

by Jim Boyd @OneJetDrive on Twitter & Facebook, SportsRants/nfl.com


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