Jets Rex Ryan not worried about coaching future

Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan isn’t worried about his coaching future. In fact he’s confident he will guide a team to a Super Bowl victory.

UPDATE: It didn’t take long before Ryan was hired as the New head coach of the Buffalo Bills.
The #Jets may so learn that not supporting him with players and a workable GM well come back to haunt them as they gained a New AFC east rival who beat them twice last season. The race is on.

“I see myself winning it as a head coach,” Ryan said Tuesday after Jets practice. “I definitely see it. If that happens, I guess we’ll find out.”

Did he he mean the Super Bowl, Ryan said yes.
“Absolutely,” said Ryan, even as his Jets are 3-12 this season.

Ryan was devoid of talent at positions of need this year mainly because of the mistakes made by his General manager and scouting department these last two drafts.
Some say Ryan is expected to be a coaching casualty on Black Monday but that remains to be seen as his contract runs through the 2015 season.

“I don’t need to win something else like the Snoopy trophy. I’ve won that a couple of times. I’m confident I can win it again.” Ryan said speaking of his super bowl reference.

But will it be with the Jets, many fans are wondering if he’s going to be fired following Sunday’s season finale against Miami and thus being held responsible for the current roster not making the playoffs.

Many believed quarterback Geno Smith was going to have a good year against their tough schedule but Smith has clearly regressed.

Ryan knows all to well what the Jets have and what they need yet be continued to shoulder the blame for the season.

“I was given some gifts and obviously a lot less in other areas, but I can coach football, and I know that. I think that’s what gives me the belief that one day I’m gonna win that thing.
That’s how I feel. And that’s it. I guess that’s just the way I’m wired. I don’t look at myself as a three-win coach. I know I’m better than that, but this is where we’re at right now.” -Rex Ryan

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Rex Ryan’s 12/26/14 press conference link

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2 Responses to Jets Rex Ryan not worried about coaching future

  1. Jets Fan says:

    Rex may have a better chance of winning games in Buffalo, but I certainly don’t see a Super Bowl win in his future.


    • MedicFL1 says:

      Rex Ryan is an acquired taste, that much we know. Defensively he has what it takes. Had the Jets ever found the right offensive coordinator, Who knows what may have been.


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