Jets accused of bypassing Rooney Rule

When teams want to interview a coaching or G.M. candidate who is under contract with another NFL team, that team wanting to conduct the interview must notify the NFL league offices. Thats the Rule in place.

Jets executive Rod Graves was interviewed by the Washington Redskins whom reportedly did not comply with the Rooney Rule by notifying the league office, prior to interviewing Graves for their General Manager position.

The Jets also interviewed their own Anthony Lynn for their head coach position. Did they inform the league office in their Rooney Rule compliance?

According to the Washington Post, the Fritz Pollard Alliance has filed a complaint over the interview of Graves, a minority candidate who allowed Washington to comply with the Rooney Rule (and is on the Alliance’s list) before they hired Scot McCloughan.

The Alliance had issued their own list of nine men they thought were deserving of promotions. The New York Jets actually hired one of them, Todd Bowles, as their heed coach.

Is the national football league being pressured to hire those that would otherwise not be considered, after all Mike Singletary is on that list of nine.

“We feel this was not a mistake,” Fritz Pollard Alliance Executive Director John Wooten said, “We feel this was intentional. That’s why we sent a complaint to the league. They did not file their request with the league. They did get permission from the Jets. But they’re supposed to file their request with the league. That’s how we can monitor what’s going on.”

Wooten states that they failed to notify the league, which represents an effort to bypass the Rooney Rule.

“We feel it violates the tampering rules and it was part of them trying to get around the Rooney Rule,” Wooten said.  “I don’t think it violated the letter of the [Rooney Rule].  It violated the spirit of the rule.  Rod Graves is top shelf.  But it seems like they were just trying to satisfy the rule so they could hire Scot McCloughan.  That’s why we have the requests filed with the league, so we can monitor the process.  That allows us to make sure you’re doing things right and you’re not just interviewing the guy down the hall.”

Wooten’s argument is moot because Washington requested permission from the Jets to interview Graves, it’s not tampering.  Second, Washington actually interviewed Graves.

Wooten did say that a team can comply with the Rooney Rule by requesting permission to interview a minority assistant coach who isn’t yet able to actually be interviewed, because his team is playing in the wild-card round of the playoffs. Isn’t that against the NFL’s own rulebook?

Is the Alliance simply trying to garner attention for themselves or do they want to be consulted of all teams intentions as if they are a controlling authority. Stop the self importance before you’re accused of tampering.

by Jim Boyd @OneJetDrive on Twitter & Facebook


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