The return of Geno Smith

Could deposed New York Jets Quarterback Geno Smith really return to the field of play prior to the original 10 week assessment?

What does this mean for a team immersed in turmoil?

This just in from the National Football Post (.com) section: Monday morning MD.
From a former #NFL team physician on #Jets QB – Geno Smith;

The fact that he felt well enough to throw is another good sign. The Jets told him to stop due to infection risk, but that doesn’t make medical sense.

Much has been made that his jaw was fractured in two places, but that is typical whenever a jaw is broken. Even when initial estimate for return was 6-10 weeks, I always thought it would be closer to six. With the news of presumed stable fixation without need to wire the jaw shut, he can eat immediately and return even faster.

Smith will need some extra protection against a hit, but medically there is no reason he won’t make the regular season opener. With the lost practice time and need to familiarize with a new coach and offensive system, it will be more likely a coaching decision than medical restriction if he doesn’t play Week 1.


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