Jets coverage of tight ends has been solid

Tight End’s their yardage our coverage.


New York Jets draft Calvin Pryor (photo: New York Jets)

The Jets secondary and SS Calvin Pryor have been able to contain some of the league’s best this year.

“We feel comfortable with how we’re playing tight ends,” Pryor said after practice, “We know we’re going to have tough matchups week in and week out, but we’re looking forward to it as well. Just with our preparation and game-planning, I think it’s starting to pay off. We just have to do our job and play disciplined football.”

The only tight ends with 50+ yards and/or a touchdown verses the #Jets this season:

*Patriots’ Gronk’s 11 catches for 108 yards in Game 6 and 1 TD.

*Miami’s Jake Stoneburner’ 2 for 16 and 1 TD in London (week 12 TE’ only recorded 13 yards).

*Bills’ C. Clay’s 5 for 52 yards.

*Giants’ Will Tye’s 74 yards (long of 45).

*Titans’ Delanie Walker totaled a team leading 7 catches for 71 yards (long of 16).

Last year tight ends caught 14 touchdowns against the Jets. With our improved secondary this year, Just two.

Buster Skrine had a strong showing against Walker who was targeted eight times catching 3 for 28 yards until the final drive. He totaled a team leading 7 catches for 71 yards.

Calvin Pryor has vastly improved his tackling and passing defense.

“Well, I’ve played better than last year, so I think that’s one step in the right direction,” he said. I just have to keep playing at a very high level and keep making plays for this defense.” – SS Calvin Pryor.

Dallas Cowboys TE Jason Witten is still effective at the age of 33.

Bowles said. “He’s steady, always tough. You know he’s going to get the ball. He’s going to make his catches, he doesn’t turn the ball over, he can block, so he’s a guy we have to look out for.”

Overall the Jets have been effective against tight ends this season.

Wide Receivers have been the bigger story.

New York born and bred, James is a decades long New York Jets Fan and writer dating back to their Superbowl days. A frequent guest on sports talk shows James is the host of OneJetDrive on Blogtalk radio, OneJetDrive Facebook Group and page As well as mixlr. A former U.S. Marine. Semper Fi.


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