Buffalo Bills don’t follow the leader

When head coach Rex Ryan was muted by GM John Idzik of the Jets in 2014 it wound up costing both men their jobs.

If there’s one thing that’s undisputed it would be that Rex Ryan knows defense.

In New York, while with the Jets, it seemed he just couldn’t couple a good offensive coordinator with their available offensive players.

This year’s New York Jets team is a testament to that fact. Compare Chan Gailey and Marty Mornhinweg’ offensive style – point made.

One part of the team Ryan’s excelled at has been his defenses;  style, scheme and players.

After Doug Marrone’ control of the buffalo players – my way or highway mentality one would think the Bills defensive players would have welcomed Rex Ryan and his style of management with open arms.

Fact is we’re witnessing almost the opposite. Ryan has always used his players in such a way as to make up for a teams shortcomings. Such Jets’ Calvin Pryor being used out of position to make up for a secondary devoid of play makers. It didn’t work of course, there just wasn’t enough talent there to make it happen.
Beside the fact that Pryor was a rookie, thought just hitting a player was all that was necessary; Dee Milliner was hurt – again, McDougle was out and Patterson chose to not even show up.

But prior to 2014 and John Idzik, Ryan enjoyed defensive success and held the respect of his players by proving that his schemes worked.

The Buffalo Bills could have been a playoff team this year, even with their inconsistent quarterback play, had this team come together as one.

That has not been the case and there not going to break a .500 season.

Multiple defensive players have spoken out against Ryan’ defensive strategy and actually fought the system rather than take instruction and play to their capabilities.

There can only be one head coach on any given team. You follow direction win or lose and let management sort out the rest.

This year might well be the last as a member of the Buffalo Bills for a few players who not only refused to take direction, but thought they were bigger than the “team”.

Chief among the disgruntled and probably one of the first to be a free agent is Mario Williams with his large salary and low production.

An unnamed Bills player told Buffalo News’ Ty Dunne this about Williams:

“It’s been clear to me that Mario doesn’t care about anybody but himself,” the teammate said. “He followed that up by not giving any effort during the season and complaining about the scheme instead of manning up and saying he played like crap and doesn’t care.”

[Williams has]“Totally checked out.”

Williams, In his first three seasons in Buffalo, accounted for 38 sacks adding 5 forced fumbles. This year, just 17 tackles and 4 sacks.
[ 54-snap production — zero tackles, zero hits].

The Bills have confirmed that Rex Ryan’s position with the team is secure for 2016. The same can’t be said for Williams and others who were more outspoken than effective.

Cutting Williams will save the team $12.9 million and there are others like Marcell Dareus who might want to be concerned.

Ryan has been asking some defensive lineman to drop into coverage more, and their sack totals have dropped.

Defensive lineman Marcell Dareus stated, via Yahoo Sports: 

“We want to make some plays. We don’t want fans looking at us crazy. We like making plays. We like getting sacks, just being out there exerting a lot of energy and having fun. … It’s not been a lot of times where there have been all four of us, full tilt, ears pined back and we’re going after it. We haven’t had a lot of that this year. Hopefully Rex is going to implement it. There’s nothing we can do.”

Mario Williams told ESPN:

“I think I probably set a record on dropping (back) today, but that’s part of the scheme for us to go out and be put in a position to win,” defensive lineman. “Whatever’s called, you have to go out and do it.”

On the other side of the ball receiver Sammy Watkins emphatically stated that players must take ownership of their poor play.

Expect Rex Ryan to take the blame for the season, it’s what he does.

New York born and bred, James is a decades long New York Jets Fan and writer dating back to their Superbowl days. A frequent guest on sports talk shows James is the host of OneJetDrive on Blogtalk radio, OneJetDrive Facebook Group and page As well as mixlr. A former U.S. Marine. Semper Fi.


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