Clinton Portis’ 50 million reasons

In 2004 Clinton Portis he had it all.

He managed to get a salary higher than any other running back and endorsement deals.

By the time he retired from the NFL in 2010, he had made close to $50 million.

But by 2015 he was struggling to save the house he built for his mom from foreclosure, he has unpaid income tax arrears of close to half a million dollars, and according to reports, a gambling debt in the neighborhood of a quarter million dollars.

Like others before him he reported claims he was led down a rosey “investment” path by others.

New York born and bred, James is a decades long New York Jets Fan and writer dating back to their Superbowl days. A frequent guest on sports talk shows James is the host of OneJetDrive on Blogtalk radio, OneJetDrive Facebook Group and page As well as mixlr. A former U.S. Marine. Semper Fi.


About MedicFL1

Avid NEW YORK JETS fan & Blogger. Prof.Paramedic, Defense Contract Manager,USMC
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