JaMarcus Russell’ $38 million gone.

JaMarcus Russell was signed to a $61 million contract with the Oakland Raiders.

He played with them for three seasons beginning in 2007, and was even named as their starter in 2009, before being benched for poor and inconsistent play.

According to reports he attempted to get back into playing shape in time for the 2014 season but his NFL prospects had dried up and it was reported that he had been arrested for possession of codeine syrup in 2010.

All that “purple drank” took its toll on his finances as well — TMZ reported his mansion was in foreclosure, and that even though he was paid out $38 million of his contract, he was unable to make the  payments to save his home from being repossessed by the IRS.

New York born and bred, James is a decades long New York Jets Fan and writer dating back to their Superbowl days. A frequent guest on sports talk shows James is the host of OneJetDrive on Blogtalk radio, OneJetDrive Facebook Group and page As well as mixlr. A former U.S. Marine. Semper Fi.


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Avid NEW YORK JETS fan & Blogger. Prof.Paramedic, Defense Contract Manager,USMC
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