NFL WR (Pastor) Irving Fryar’ fall from grace

Irving Fryar had a long and prosperous NFL career. He played for an amazing 17 years with four different teams.

He was quite the success as a wide receiver, but he’s been anything but since retirement. You would think someone who’s the pastor of a church he founded himself would have integrity, unfortunately, that hasn’t proven to be the case.

In July of 2015, he was convicted along with his mother for a mortgage scam in which he applied for multiple mortgages on the same property from several different financial institutions.

FROM Wikipedia:

“On October 2, 2015 Pro Football Talk reported that Fryar and his mother were convicted of mortgage fraud. Fryar will receive a five year prison sentence while his mother will receive probation. According to the New Jersey AG who oversaw the case,John Hoffman, “The fact that Fryar had the means to succeed and do good things and instead chose this criminal path makes his actions all the more reprehensible”.

On December 7, 2015 a NJ Judge handed up an order that Irving Fryar and his mother to pay $615,600 in restitution to five lending institutions that were cheated in a mortgage scam. Fryar and his mother, Allene McGhee, were convicted of applying for multiple mortgage loans in quick succession while using the same property as collateral. Fryar was sentenced in October to five years in prison while his mother received three years of probation.”

“The fact that Fryar had the means to succeed and do good things and instead chose this criminal path makes his actions all the more reprehensible,” acting New Jersey Attorney General John Hoffman said.

He claimed, (here we go) that he was given poor advice by someone [ William Barksdale. Barksdale pleaded guilty last year to a conspiracy charge and was the government’s key witness at Fryar’s trial. He is serving a 20-month prison sentence.] and he didn’t realize what he was doing was wrong, (wow) the courts didn’t buy that for a moment. He’s currently out on bail while he awaits sentencing and how God let it all go wrong. (ref above para from wiki).
[Fryar founded New Jerusalem House of God ].

Not the kind of pastor we all expect from our churches but you can clearly see the theme when others get involved with your financial investments.

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