The Importance of Coaches in the NFL

Louis Riddick: ‘Organizations ruin players as much as players ruin themselves’

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Tuesday April 26, 2016

The NFL Draft is coming up later this week, and there are always players who don’t last in the league, but it is all their fault?

Former NFL scout and personnel director (and current ESPN analyst) Louis Riddick joined Sports Illustrated’s media podcast and went off a little bit about the idea of “busts.”

Asked why it’s hard to judge quarterback, Riddick talked about scouts and analysts focusing on measurables at this time of year, when they should be looking at more tape and fit. He then moved onto the topic of busts and said teams are just as at fault as the player if it doesn’t work. It’s a lot, so here was his full comment:

“Any player that fails in the NFL, they talk about, ‘Well, that’s just the bust rate in the NFL. Some guys make it, some guys don’t.’ As if it’s always just the player’s fault,” Riddick said. “People in the NFL are so cocky and arrogant, they think they always have the answers, and it’s never their fault. Hell, if I’m coaching in the NFL, I must be one of the best in the world. Newsflash: They’re not. Not every team is built equally. Not every team has the most competent people.

“In 1992, I played for the Atlanta Falcons. When I went from the Falcons to the Browns, I realized how different it is in the NFL between one coaching staff and program to another. That was like going form kindergarten to getting PhD level coaching. It still exists that way. Depending where certain guys go, they have no shot, versus they have every shot in the world to reach their potential. When you see players bust and players who have success, don’t just blame it on the player. Some of these guys are getting coached by guys who don’t belong coaching Pop Warner football, let alone the NFL.

“Some coaching in the NFL is a flat-out joke, and some of it is deserving of the accolades we give them. You go get coached in New England, you’re getting PhD-level coaching. You go to some other places, I couldn’t tell you what kind of coaching you’re getting. If Tom Brady doesn’t go to New England, if Ben Roethlisberger doesn’t go to the Steelers, they may not be in the league anymore.

“Carson Wentz, Jared Goff, I can tell you this: If they don’t make it, people will say, ‘Went came from North Dakota State and he was too high, Goff played in the spread offense, way overhyped.’ If those kids don’t make it, we’d better go with a fine-toothed comb through the organizations they went to and start dissecting them. Organizations ruin players and quarterbacks as much as the players ruin themselves. I promise you that.”

Checkout the podcast on coaching search .com


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