Ryan Fitzpatrick on returning to the N.Y. Jets

Ryan Fitzpatrick intends to play football in 2016 and hopes it’s for the New York Jets.

“I would like to be back,” Fitzpatrick told two reporters (ESPN / N.Y.post reported) at the Hudson National Golf Club, which hosted  Willie Colon’s charity outing.

He also spoke on SiriusXM NFL radio. 

“I’m playing,” Fitzpatrick said. “I’m playing football next year.”

Fitzpatrick made it clear that he has no plans to walk away, putting to bed those stories that he’d rather retire. “There’s plenty that’s been written and who knows where the so-called sources are, but I want to play”.

“I want to play,” Fitzpatrick said. “I love playing the game of football. I had a great time, probably my best season last year in terms of how much fun I had out there with the guys, you know, out there every Sunday. It’s something I still really enjoy doing and something I want to continue to do.”

Fitzpatrick does not relate his situation to anyone else’s contract and states that they have no bearing on his value.

“I think earlier in my career, I think that’s something you fall into as a player,” he told SiriusXM NFL radio. “Right now, no. I understand the market and I understand those guys. I’m happy for them, what they got.

I know my value to a team is my value to a particular team. You’d drive yourself crazy if you look at other guys and say, ‘Why not me? Why not me?”

For his part teammate, now free agent, Willie Colon added:

“He’s not just playing quarterback, he’s living it, he’s waking up to it, he’s eating it. If the Jets don’t understand that we haven’t had that in a long time, then we need to kind of re-evaluate what we’re doing here. He’s everything.”

Fitzpatrick threw for a career-best in 2015. Totaling 3,905 yards while topping Vinny Testaverde’s franchise mark for TDs. But with the first postseason spot of his career on the line in the regular-season finale at Buffalo, Fitzpatrick struggled while throwing interceptions on each of New York’s final three drives in a 22-17 loss.

Now, the start of training camp at the end of July is the next significant deadline.

Head coach Todd Bowles and owner Woody Johnson have indicated training camp is when the team believes they need Fitzpatrick back by.

Fitzpatrick (33) earned $3.625 million (Avg. Power OTC) in 2015 and the Jets have reportedly upped their initial $7 million over.

Money can get in the way of the craziest things. Respect is one thing, but when it’s one of thirty two jobs in the world and it’s yours for the asking… Make it happen and be the bridge the Fans who crowned you “FitzMagic” need you to be.


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