Thursday night football Twitter low quality

Twitter’s Thursday Night Football (TNF) games will feature “low-level streaming” that will act as a promotional tool for NFL Game Pass, says Chris Wagner, executive vice president and co-founder of NeuLion.

Twitter paid $10 million to broadcast 10 games from the NFL’s regular season, and will include in-game highlights and live pre-game interviews on Periscope. 

Twitter claims 320 million active users, but states they have a global audience of 800 million due to people who use the service without an account.

Four of Twitter’s TNF games will be shown on broadcast TV in the U.S. by NBC and CBS, while the remaining six will air on the NFL Network.

If the NFL intends to control the creation and distribution of its own content, it has some way to go to match current TV deals worth at least $3 billion a year (for 2013 to 2022) it cut with U.S. broadcasters.

NFL statement:

The NFL is creating a digitally-delivered fan experience that will be “superior” to its own TV presentation, and will soon be worth over $1 billion a year, according to the NFL executive in charge.

“There are a wealth of opportunities to create a superior product online which will make NFL digital far more potent than TV,” said Shannon Rutherford, director of digital media video operations for the NFL.

Time will tell if their right. Currently DirectV charges $350 for the NFL Sunday ticket max package. Then there’s their RedZone channel.

Gamepass at $99 a year, does not currently allow viewers to watch live games in the U.S.A. It’s about a 24 hour delay before Sundays games are posted.

TV is a one-way communication with viewing figures trending downwards, a growth in cord-cutters, and an ageing audience.


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