Jets’ Pepper Johnson speaks to media

​N.Y. Jets assistant defensive line coach Pepper Johnson spoke to the media Monday after his prior “No Show”:

Johnson begrudgingly spoke to the media, fulfilling his league requirement, but made it clear what he thinks of it; “I think it’s all a waste of time, but I came here to fulfill my obligations.”

Asked about his level of satisfaction in his units play, he replied with; “We’ve won three games this year, so it’s hard to be satisfied with anything we’re doing”.

Johnson added that “It’s the same crew that got me awards last year and I don’t see them doing anything different. People are playing us different, which is smart for them. I would play us different if I were running somebody’s offense. They don’t want to get attacked by these guys. That’s what’s going on.”

“These guys are playing very well. These guys made me defensive line coach of the year last season, and I think they’re doing better than last year.” He added reminding us that Pro Football Focus had named Johnson as one of the top assistants in 2015.

Fans can only speculate on why the Jets haven’t made those same adjustment as blitzing seems to be required in order to get ” to the Quarterback ” this season.

Some argue that Sheldon Richardson is playing better than Muhammad Wilkerson but should either be used as an outside linebacker?

Between the two players, only four sacks have been recorded through ten games this season.

Although  Sheldon Richardson will likely  be trade bait again in the off-season, this is essentially the same line you’ll see in 2017.

Fans and coaches expect more from this talented group.


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