Where have all the Fullbacks gone?

According to Pro Football Focus, The league has shifted schematically in a massive way over the past decade. Fullbacks gave way to slot receivers as the league tilted more pass-oriented and the focus moved toward spreading defenses out horizontally, not overpowering them in the box.

“11 personnel (one back, one TE, three receivers) has become the most common NFL personnel package. This season, leaguewide, it is used 59 percent of the time, with 12 personnel (one back, two TEs, two receivers) another 17. Even when teams put a more run-focused personnel group out there, it tends to be with an extra TE now and not a fullback. A decade ago, 11 personnel was used just 31 percent of the time and 21 personnel (two backs, one TE, one wide out – typically your basic fullback formations) was used on 26 percent of snaps, compared to just seven percent today.”

The way of the NFL is not always a clear path to follow.

The New York Jets have a suspect and injured offensive line that has only one remaining starter this season. Their also starting what constitutes a rookie Quarterback and therein lies the problem.

Against the Miami Dolphins they showed their inability to keep the young quarterback safe. 

Bryce Petty took a punishing two way hit from a combination of Cameron wake and Kiko Alonso where Petty was the center of the sandwich. He’ll play with rib guards against New England this week.

The Patriots have obviously seen the tape and their path to Petty is clear.

The Jets remain steadfast in their decision to not being back Tommy Bohanon, their versatile  Fullback let go this season.

Although Bohanon remains at the ready neither Chan Gailey nor Todd Bowles has felt the need to protect their young quarterback.

He’ll get what the defense decided to give him and that lies squarely on the shoulders of the Jets decision makers.


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