N.Y. Jets: A Rebuild by any other name.

Todd Bowles, Mike Maccagnan and Woody Johnson are going to build via the draft.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before and color me skeptical if you haven’t.

The time to replenish the offensive line was three years ago and most certainly last years draft class held more possibilities than this class.

The Jets last drafted offensive linemen in the first or second rounds way back in 2006. Nick Mangold and Da’Brickashaw Ferguson did an admirable job for ten years but in 2015 GM Mike Maccagnan outsmarted himself by waiting until the last moment to talk to Ferguson and be had the last laugh. He retired.

That cost the Jets $10 million dollars as they picked up Ryan Clady. We saw how that worked out.

Now it’s time to follow John Idziks plan and cut the veterans with high dollar salary cap hits and follow Reggie McKenzie of the Raiders and build an offensive line that can sustain a quarterbacks health.

The cowboys did it, the Jets ignored it. Time to pay the piper or 2017/2018 won’t be any different.
The Jets have six picks, we discuss how they’ll get their seventh and possibly and eighth.

Listen in for more on a team on the rebuild: OneJetDrive Podcast


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