N.Y. Jets Free Agency moves and Quarterback stance .

The N.Y. Jets were able to secure a new left tackle in signing Kelvin Beachum who, along with James Carpenter will help protect whomever the Jets decide will be signal caller this season but one thing is sure, it can’t be one of the few available veterans still on the market. 

Suspensions start the season off as both Jalen Marshall and Austin S. Jenkins both received their respective NFL notices. 

With the offensive line in place, depth will be the key to this core. A thin draft will mean Maccagnon ‘ moves here will be in the spotlight. 

Their are other positions of need here that require attention i.e; the Tight End position,  draft /acquire and utilize must be one of the teams priorities. 

Forte’ not getting any younger and Powell must not be forgotten as both he and Quincy Enunwa were in 2016.

But the real fire in this OneJetDrive Podcast comes full circle back to the Quarterback controversy and the boys are nothing if not passionate in their “discussion”. 

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