N.Y. Jets admit defeat with trade 

The New York Jets have made the ​Most ridiculous move ever? There is no  Award for this. 

The move : 

Calvin Pryor (SS) to Browns to bring back last year’s move to the Browns, (LB)  Demario Davis. 

After dropping  the team’s tackling leader as too old last year, The Jets now trade back using a former top draft pick to get him back? A move that signals defeat in the coaching abilities of the organization

The Analysis :

“The Browns and Jets have made a one-for-one swap on Thursday, exchanging defensive players. Both Calvin Pryor and Demario Davis have been disappointments in their careers, but this trade makes sense for both teams. 

Cleveland needed a safety to start next to Jabrill Peppers. Pryor may not beat out the other safeties on the roster, but he’ll have a shot. He was a first-round pick in 2014, so he at least has potential, despite the horrible start to his career. 

Davis, meanwhile, is back with the Jets after spending one season with the Browns. 

The Jets needed depth behind David Harris and Darron Lee, and Davis seems like he could be a passable third inside linebacker. 

This trade seems about even, but I’m going to give the Browns a slight edge. 

Pryor is younger and has more potential than Davis. 

He’s been terrible as a pro thus far, but he could turn things around and become a solid player in the NFL. It probably won’t happen, but I can envision a scenario in which it does. ” – Walter Football 

PRYOR REQUIRED COACHING something the JETS can’t offer him. 
The former ” Slugger ” learned the hard way that just hitting an opponent doesn’t work in the NFL

The fine print :

This deal could simply be about dumping Pryor and shedding his 2017 salary as the team didn’t pickup his 2018 option. They save $1.6 in salary and eat a similar amount in dead money. 

Davis’ will cost $3 . 6 but none of that is guaranteed so be could be cut with no loss

Now it’s up to Bowles to turn his two drafted safeties into starters. Spotlight time and they’ll be no room for excuses if this plan fails. 

Pryor requires coaching, as does Darron Lee, in how to effectively tackle in the NFL. The talent is there but the Jets lack the ability to develop / Coach their talent and use them effectively. 

General manager, Mike Maccagnon seems happy and Owner,  Woody Johnson seems tolerant enough to try and BPA their way through Drafts until they can put together A TEAM. 

Both appear to have thrown their respective hands in the air while they wile away their time until a Quarterback falls in their laps. 

If this trade makes sense to you, you need your football head examined.


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