A Paramedic by Profession of 25+ years duration, James, a former United States Marine, is a life long New York J-E-T-S Fan whose main sports interest is all things New York Jets, the New York Islanders (before their move to Brooklyn, we’re talking Al Arbor and the Stanley cup years) followed by other NFL news and developments.

James writes for OneJetDrive.com as well as being a contributor and supporter on like minded sites and Podcasts.

James can be followed on Twitter with the handle: @OneJetDrive & @MedicFL1

The early years: Growing up in a household on Long Island where the N.Y. JETS played out of the N.Y. Mets home base of newly built Shea stadium was great.

“We would take family drives on Sundays past Shea Stadium as it was being built Jim recalls. I don’t know whatever became of the Polaroid’s”

There was only one problem the family patriarch was a long timeWashington Redskins fan where The love of George Allen, Billy Kilmer, Joe Thiesman and Billy Graham only added to the disharmony.

But James had Gil Hodges and the Amazing Mets to add to his arsenal of Joe Namath and the New York Jets.
Yes, 1968 – 1969 were good years for at least one member of the family.
Tears were shed however, the year John Riggins took his Mohawk from the JETS to the Redskins.
Strange as it sounds, however, his move to Washington did help to bring father and son together as the six year old New York Jets (formerly the Titans of New York) began to garner respect in the household.

It is interesting to note that Riggo left because he could not compete with the fame of Joe Namath. He surely made his name known to the Washington D.C., Redskins fans.

The merger of the American Football League and the National Football League was a household merger as well.
Harmony had been achieved.

The JETS through their Superbowl III victory had helped bring together the world of football. Vince Lombardi retired.


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