Will Darrelle Revis be Classy with N.Y. Jets

Revis who asked that the team year him with class, has the chance to show some himself. Will he play for $6 million after 2016 decline and help salary cap strapped team out?

The #Jets have a Quarterback on the roster, will Geno get another chance?

Winters resigned but Tran still needs Tackles – Draft our free agency -again.

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N.Y. Jets off-season moves for 2017

The N.Y. Jets haven’t made allot of off-season moves with 98 days remaining before the draft.

The Jets are notable missing Quarterback coaches and assistants. With two “rookie”quarterbacks on the roster could Geno Smith by the viable option here?

It’s Brandon Marshall over paid? He doesn’t seem to think so, but well he remain on the Jets roster for 2017?

Are the Jets rebuilding too late after an outrageous 2015 season? Was what John Idzik was doing the right path to be on and will Mike Maccagnan now have to restart that process?

We discuss this and more on the latest OneJetDrive Podcast.

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Jets re-sign Brian Winters

The Jets and guard 

Brian Winters re-signed a four year $29 million dollar contact with $15 million guaranteed.

Winters, made $4 million total since being drafted in Round 3 in 2013 by the Jets then General manager John Idzik.

Winters had become a starter on the Jets offensive.

He was out on Injured Reserve  Game 14 against Miami with a torn rotator cuff injury. 

He was the Jets’ third-round pick (72nd overall) of the 2013 draft out of Kent State.

Winters became the left guard starter in Game 5 of his rookie season. He started the first six games at LG in 2014 before suffering a season-ending ACL injury.

In 2015, Winters returned as a RG, replacing the injured Willie Colon and making 10 starts. Winters started 13 games this season and 41 for 51 overall.

Winters has graded well in blocking schemes with reports that his pass protection is something he needs to improve.

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N.Y. Jets: A Rebuild by any other name.

Todd Bowles, Mike Maccagnan and Woody Johnson are going to build via the draft.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before and color me skeptical if you haven’t.

The time to replenish the offensive line was three years ago and most certainly last years draft class held more possibilities than this class.

The Jets last drafted offensive linemen in the first or second rounds way back in 2006. Nick Mangold and Da’Brickashaw Ferguson did an admirable job for ten years but in 2015 GM Mike Maccagnan outsmarted himself by waiting until the last moment to talk to Ferguson and be had the last laugh. He retired.

That cost the Jets $10 million dollars as they picked up Ryan Clady. We saw how that worked out.

Now it’s time to follow John Idziks plan and cut the veterans with high dollar salary cap hits and follow Reggie McKenzie of the Raiders and build an offensive line that can sustain a quarterbacks health.

The cowboys did it, the Jets ignored it. Time to pay the piper or 2017/2018 won’t be any different.
The Jets have six picks, we discuss how they’ll get their seventh and possibly and eighth.

Listen in for more on a team on the rebuild: OneJetDrive Podcast

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N.Y. Jets Won and Done with 2016

The N.Y. Jets Won this week sweeping the Buffalo Bills 30-10 as they close out 2016 with a 5-11 Season.

In 2015, the Jets surprised themselves as well as their management going 10-6 and losing to the aforementioned Buffalo Bills, thus ending their playoff hopes.

Todd Bowles and Mike Maccagnan remain at the helm for 2017 and it remains to be seen how they will go about the rebuilding process.

Offensive line as well as the lines’ assistant coaching position remain in the forefront.

Will Todd Bowles bring in All-Pro and current NFL hall of fame candidate Kevin Mawae as an offensive assistant?

Mawae has been interning with the Chicago Bears this last season. Can the Jets reacquire him?

The infighting hits the headlines as Darrelle Revis asks if the Jets are going to be classy in handling him, as he decides whether he will transition to safety?

This and more on the latest OneJetDrive Podcast, which, as always, can be found here:

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The Jets blowout in New England

The N.Y. Jets left three touchdowns and a field goal off the scoreboard this week taking a thirty eight point deficit loss against the New England Patriots.

The unfathomable score was 41 to 3 when all was said and done as Todd Bowles decided to kick a field goal in the final minutes showing a lack of trust in his offense two score.

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The season that wasn’t is almost over.

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Where have all the Fullbacks gone?

According to Pro Football Focus, The league has shifted schematically in a massive way over the past decade. Fullbacks gave way to slot receivers as the league tilted more pass-oriented and the focus moved toward spreading defenses out horizontally, not overpowering them in the box.

“11 personnel (one back, one TE, three receivers) has become the most common NFL personnel package. This season, leaguewide, it is used 59 percent of the time, with 12 personnel (one back, two TEs, two receivers) another 17. Even when teams put a more run-focused personnel group out there, it tends to be with an extra TE now and not a fullback. A decade ago, 11 personnel was used just 31 percent of the time and 21 personnel (two backs, one TE, one wide out – typically your basic fullback formations) was used on 26 percent of snaps, compared to just seven percent today.”

The way of the NFL is not always a clear path to follow.

The New York Jets have a suspect and injured offensive line that has only one remaining starter this season. Their also starting what constitutes a rookie Quarterback and therein lies the problem.

Against the Miami Dolphins they showed their inability to keep the young quarterback safe. 

Bryce Petty took a punishing two way hit from a combination of Cameron wake and Kiko Alonso where Petty was the center of the sandwich. He’ll play with rib guards against New England this week.

The Patriots have obviously seen the tape and their path to Petty is clear.

The Jets remain steadfast in their decision to not being back Tommy Bohanon, their versatile  Fullback let go this season.

Although Bohanon remains at the ready neither Chan Gailey nor Todd Bowles has felt the need to protect their young quarterback.

He’ll get what the defense decided to give him and that lies squarely on the shoulders of the Jets decision makers.

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